Microsoft is testing the ability to disable the Xbox startup sound and filter menu in the Alpha Ring update

Microsoft is testing a software update for Xbox game consoles that will allow them to turn off the startup sound. By turning off the proprietary melody, gamers could silently plug in their headphones and play without disturbing anyone.

A new preview update, designated XB_FLT_2210NI\22621.2407.220919-2200 for Xbox consoles, is expected to be released to Alpha Ring members of the Xbox Insider Program. Among other experimental features, the update also adds a new setting that can turn off the startup sound.

Although this option is currently unavailable, console owners can go to Settings > General > Volume and audio output > Advanced options after the update . Microsoft is expected to add the ability to disable startup sounds as an additional option.

Currently, the startup sound that an Xbox console makes after booting up cannot be turned off. Since the Xbox Series X|S consoles don’t have a simple 3.5mm headphone jack, gamers can’t even plug in headphones and make sure the sound isn’t blowing through the speakers.

Incidentally, Microsoft offers a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it’s located on the controller, not the console. However, the controller only connects to the console after a successful boot sequence. Hence, gamers should quickly turn down or mute the volume of any connected device that outputs the sound generated by the console so as not to disturb anyone.

In addition to the aforementioned feature, Microsoft is offering a new search bar and a link to settings right on the toolbar. This feature is sent out to “a random subset of users”. Gamers will also have more control over how they view their games and apps using the filter menu with a new look.

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