Microsoft Teams will soon add generative AI-based custom backgrounds for annoucement posts

Microsoft Teams will soon add generative AI-based custom backgrounds for annoucement posts

Back in May, Microsoft rolled out a new and large collection of virtual backgrounds that Microsoft Teams member could use while they were in a video meeting. Now it looks like Microsoft is planning to offer Teams members some more ways to create backgrounds, at least for announcement posts in Teams channels.

In a new entry on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap this week, Microsoft confirmed it is working on a way for Teams users to create their own custom background, for those announcement posts. The roadmap entry says it should only take “just a few clicks”to make those backgrounds in Teams.

In addition, Teams Premium members will be getting an additional wrinkle to this feature. They will have access to OpenAI’s DALL-E generative AI art creation service. This will allow those Premium members to just type in some text prompt to make those custom backgrounds for announcement posts.

The Roadmap listing claims this feature will be available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and web Teams users. It’s currently listed as rolling out sometime in November, although keep in mind that Microsoft 365 Roadmap listings can change their dates without warning.

Right now, the roadmap entry doesn’t state exactly how this new custom background feature will work in Teams, so we may have to wait a bit before learning more about this feature. We would also expect that the use of DALL-E for custom backgrounds will be subject to certain content guide rails inside Microsoft Teams.

Earlier this month, Microsoft officially launched the new Teams app in general availability for both Windows and Mac. Microsoft claims that the performance of the new Teams apps is up to twice as fast compared to the “classic”Teams apps, while also using less memory at the same time. The new Teams app will eventually become the default version for all users.

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