Microsoft Teams gets old-school games for Windows

As good as the latest versions of Windows are, the old ones have a charm that the newer versions just can’t match. Most of this is old games – Minesweeper, Solitaire and so on. Now you can play them over and over again thanks to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is adding a brand new feature called Games for Work that not only brings back old favorite Windows games but also allows you to connect with your co-workers thanks to the multiplayer mode. They allow you to play with both two people and 250 people, which means that everyone from small teams to large corporations can relax and have an enjoyable semi-nostalgic gaming night.


Among the games you can try are Minesweeper, Solitaire, IceBreakers and Wordament. Microsoft says each game emphasizes “a different element of team building,” so while there may not be a lot of games to choose from at the moment, at least one of them could be perfect for any workplace.

Being multiplayer games, they may not work like the old Windows games you played when you had Windows XP or Windows Vista/7, but they are still good nonetheless. Game nights are commonplace in many workplaces to bring colleagues together, and this Microsoft solution simply builds them right into the Microsoft Teams workplace.

If you don’t see the games, be sure to post an offer in your workplace and hopefully you can get your IT admin to turn them on.

Source: Microsoft

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