Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 22H2 Coming in October

With all eyes on Windows 11 and its first feature update now available for download, you’ll excuse yourself for thinking that Windows 10 is now a thing of the past. However, while Microsoft is moving forward with Windows 11, it hasn’t done so yet with the previous generation operating system, which turned seven years old two months ago. The company hid a subtle reminder of an upcoming “feature update” for Windows 10 in a blog post that describes how to download the Windows 11 2022 update.

Since Windows 11 contains some conflicting feature changes, not every user with old but still fully functional hardware is willing to upgrade their PC just to get the latest operating system. Even Microsoft says that Windows 10 is a “great place” if your device doesn’t qualify for Windows 11. To keep customers happy, Microsoft will continue servicing Windows 10 until October 2025. As part of this maintenance, the operating system will receive an update next month.

Unlike Windows 11, which should get a lot of useful features in its first “snap” update in October, Windows 10 is likely to get a simple build version with a cumulative update. However, some minor new features may be coming to Windows 10, such as a slightly updated taskbar that can now display news and interests no matter where you set the taskbar.

The latter is a somewhat odd change in light of Microsoft’s recent claims that very few people place their taskbar on the top or sides of the screen, which is one of the reasons Windows 11 doesn’t let you change the position of the taskbar.

Source: Microsoft

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