Microsoft Confirms Tuesday’s Latest Patch Updates Are Causing Authorization Issues

It looks like the latest cumulative update for Windows 11 and 10 didn’t go as smoothly as Microsoft would have liked. Following reports of all sorts of issues and crashes occurring after installing the May 2022 Cumulative Update, Microsoft has updated the notification on the Windows Status Dashboard to include a notification of new confirmed bugs in Windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft reports that KB5013943 (Windows 11 Build 22000.675) and KB5013942 (Windows 10 Builds 19043.1706, 19042.1706, and 19041.1706) cause server or client authentication failures for services such as NPS, RRAS, EAP, and PEAP. The problem is related to how the domain controller handles mapping certificates to computer accounts.

It is important to note that a confirmed bug does not affect Windows client devices and non-domain controlled Windows servers.

Microsoft is investigating the issue and working to fix it in future releases. Meanwhile, IT administrators can work around this issue by manually mapping certificates to a computer account in Active Directory, and the necessary instructions are available in the certificate mapping documentation .

While the authentication failure does not affect consumer devices, Windows 11 users have reported other issues after installing the May 2022 cumulative update. For example, blue screens of death, non-working Event Viewer, problems with. NET applications and others.