Microsoft Officially Launches VPN Preview for Edge

Microsoft has officially announced its own VPN service for its Edge browser. It’s called “Safe Web” and is available to preview on the Canary channel for a limited number of Edge Insiders. Recently, users have noticed the first traces of this feature, and now it has become official.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a lightweight VPN that doesn’t require third-party software or extensions. This feature aims to provide Edge users with a secure connection when browsing public networks that often lack privacy. Using Secure Network allows you to hide your IP address, encrypt data, and route traffic through a secure network powered by Cloudflare.

Unlike traditional VPNs that allow you to select servers in specific countries, Secure Network in Microsoft Edge automatically selects servers in your region so you can continue to receive relevant, geo-referenced content.

Microsoft hasn’t said if it plans to monetize the Secure Network in the Edge browser. The company provides a small amount of free data for testers during the preview period (1 GB). This won’t be enough for streaming videos or games, but should be enough to test how the feature performs under intended conditions.

To test the secure web, download Microsoft Edge Canary from the official website and sign in with your Microsoft Account. Open the browser menu, select “Safe Web” and turn it on. Please note that a Microsoft license is required to use Secure Network during the preview period . According to Microsoft , free data usage tracking requires sign-in and the company automatically deletes all related information at the end of the maintenance window.Account.