Microsoft is finally up to the task, as Defender performs well in the AV-Comparatives security test.

Microsoft finally has something to be happy about. In case you’re wondering what it’s all about, the latest antivirus product test ratings for AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives have just been released. In the AV-TEST results, Microsoft came in last place because of how much Defender impacted Windows 11 system performance, which is the exact opposite of how Defender typically performed earlier in Windows 10 benchmarks. And that was doubly bad news for Microsoft as AV -Comparatives also ranked Microsoft last on the podium due to very poor performance in the October 2022 benchmark test that was run on Windows 10.

In the real-world security test conducted by AV-Comparatives, Microsoft is doing well again. Unlike the previous performance test, which measured the performance impact of an antivirus program, the real world test measures the ability of an antivirus solution to detect and block real threats. The test also measures the number of false positives, even those that are user specific. They are quantified by the FP score, and the higher the score, the worse. User-dependent false positives receive half a point.

You can view the FP scores for all tested products, including Microsoft products, which have seven false positives:

AV-Comparatives October 2022 Real world protection test

Next, we have the protection level, which measures how many malicious test cases were successfully blocked by each product. Out of 626 test cases, Defender was able to detect and block 623:

AV-Comparatives October 2022 Real world protection test

Finally, we have AV-Comparatives certifications, and as expected, Microsoft received an ADVANCED+ rating. Overall, ESET seems to have fared the worst in terms of detection, as it was compromised seven times out of 626. However, Malwarebytes received the worst certification, i.e. TESTED, due to the highest number of false positives in addition to six breaches.

AV-Comparatives Security Certifications October 2022

You can view the full report on the AV-Comparatives website .

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