Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo and proved it in writing

In 1999, Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo. The Japanese company reacted with laughter. Today we can (more or less) read a letter sent out by the Redmond giant.

The story of the unsuccessful purchase of the Nintendo MS is as old as the world, but today we learned some interesting details about it.

Microsoft and Nintendo rolled into one? Oh no!

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand, the company donated a virtual museum to its fans. In it, he shares history and various curiosities from the past. While many enthusiasts of this console will find many interesting things there, one seems particularly interesting.

This is the letter that then-Xbox President Rick Thompson sent to the head of Nintendo America, Jacquelie Storey. In the correspondence, the Redmond giant expressed hope that it would be possible to organize a business meeting with representatives of the Japanese corporation. Of course, in retrospect it sounds strange, but it cannot be denied that M.S. were at least ambitious.

Dear Zhakali, I appreciate you taking the time to try and arrange a meeting with Mr. Takeda and Yamauchi to discuss a possible strategic partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft regarding future video game platforms. I understand Mr. Takeda’s concerns about a possible partnership and will try to follow the [unclear] guidelines he requested.

An excerpt from a letter

An excerpt from a letter

Unfortunately, only part of the letter is visible in the interactive museum, as most of it is hidden. The above is the only thing that could be read. If you do not know how this adventure ended, we hasten to explain – the meeting took place and the representatives of the “big N” laughed almost all the time at the end of the American corporation. Well, it happens like this.