Microsoft “apologized” and restores WSATools, but it was “rightful” in removing it

WSATools home screen that reads welcome

A few days ago, Microsoft found itself in the middle of a commotion as it had removed WSATools from the Microsoft Store. For those who don’t know, WSATools helps users sideload apps on Windows 11 without going into the tricky process of using the Android Debug Bridge (adb) command-line tool method.

Apparently, the firm had offered “zero explanations” about why it had done so to WSATools creator Simone Franco as the mail it sent was pretty bland. But Franco wasn’t someone who’d have given up easily and persisted to get the answers. This led to a beautiful outcome for both parties as the WSATools app is now back on Microsoft Store plus Microsoft also got a second chance of explaining why it had removed the tool for “rightful” reasons in the first place.

Additionally, Franco says that the new mail Microsoft sent should also help make his app public on the Store which is now hidden and can only be accessed with the WSATools’ link. Speaking of the link, here it is in case anyone wants to give the app a shot.