Microsoft announces Xbox Sustainability Toolkit to help developers reduce carbon footprint

Microsoft announces Xbox Sustainability Toolkit to help developers reduce carbon footprint

Not so long ago, Microsoft announced new energy-saving tools for its consoles, allowing millions of gamers to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing gaming experience quality. Now Microsoft continues with the idea by introducing the Xbox Sustainability Toolkit—a new set of utilities for game developers to let them better understand how to be more energy efficient while developing modern titles.

Microsoft says using the toolkit reduces console energy consumption, carbon emissions, and in-home electricity cost for gamers. Besides, the sustainability goals set by Microsoft “can be entirely imperceptible.”In other words, those owning modern Xbox consoles should not expect their framerates to go down.

The Xbox Developer Sustainability Toolkit will provide game devs with the following:

  • Xbox GDK (Game Developer Kit) and Power Monitor tools allow real-time energy consumption monitoring and establishing a baseline. Developers will be able to spot areas where they need to improve energy efficiency, and a dedicated API allows using the toolkit with games that have their own profiling needs.
  • Certification reports let developers generate energy averages in common in-game areas, such as menus and loading screens, and see how their results compare with the industry average.
  • Power consumption dashboard provides a “bird’s eye view”of how much energy a console consumes when playing a specific title.
  • Best practices and guidance will help studios learn how to build a more sustainable gaming industry.

According to the announcement post, Microsoft developed the new toolkit in collaboration with Ubisoft and 343 Industries, and now the company wants other studios to join the initiative. Developers can learn more about the Xbox Developer Sustainability Toolkit in the official Microsoft Game Dev documentation and on Developer Forums.

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