Preparing the Metaverse has not been easy; everything is focused on satisfying the needs of the users of the Internet environment that have not yet become evident.

The leading technology company that has joined the concept of the Metaverse has been Facebook, which changed its name to Meta in favor of the development of this ambitious project.

Meta turned the metaverse project into its main obsession, the concept; despite generating a lot of controversies, its bases and strategic points that can provide the necessary solidity are unknown.

The investment has been multimillionaire not only in creating the appropriate technologies but also in hiring human resources that range from content developers to computer engineers. if you are new in the field of crypto trading, visit to learn more.

Expectations do not please users.

The name that Meta gave to its Metaverse is Horizon Worlds, which established that monthly it expected to capture the attention of more than 500 thousand users with their respective avatars. Still, having less than 200 thousand avatars for the company has not been enjoyable so far this year.

Everything is related to the internal performance of the platform, which was demonstrated after their followers registered. But unfortunately, after a short period, they did not return to the virtual spaces that Horizon Worlds offers.

Horizon Worlds has created a collection of virtual reality spaces where users often share daily activities, such as working and purchasing products, goods, and services, among many others.

Some of the worlds created are Hot Girl Summer Rooftop Pool Party and Murder Village, in which the influx of users with their respective avatars in opportunities is practically zero, which undoubtedly alarms its creators and, of course, everyone who has decided to invest capital in this new digital experience.

On the other hand, there is the situation that to access these virtual worlds; it is essential to have a Metaverse set which has an estimated cost of USD 1,500 and includes VR glasses and their respective headphones.

It seems that the project is too big for Meta. However, we must remember that the Metaverse is a long-term proposal in which it is estimated that it will take more than eight years for global adoption.

The Metaverse arrives but not at the expense of Meta

It may be too early to establish the guidelines that will be executed in the Metaverse; everything is just being incubated to compile all the necessary aspects so that its execution causes the most excellent attention and, of course, adoption by the Internet community.

The recent statements by Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, have created more controversy about Meta, which considers that the leading actor of social networks intends to monopolize the Metaverse concept.

It could represent the failure of the project, as the needs of the users are still not known for sure; it is more the idea that virtual and augmented reality take control of the daily activities of the human being are already quite suffocating, the life of the human being puts himself in the hands of technology.

According to Buterin, Zuckerberg has anticipated the creation of Meta. The definition of this proposal for digital immersion will be carried out. However, there is still a long time before the adaptation of corporations and society.

Most companies are coming together to create a decentralized environment based on the blockchain; everything indicates that the advances of Web3 are to manage the property in a democratic way, where all users have the same possibilities in a 100% virtual environment.

Meta’s immersion in the Metaverse

In October 2021, Meta embarked on what is now known as Meta. In a merger with the Oculus brand, it intends to create virtual reality devices that allow its followers to have an immersive experience in the Metaverse.

The creator of Facebook expressed that he considers the Metaverse as the next chapter of the Internet, which is why he has put all his interest into creating it under the platform he owns. It is none other than Facebook.

The construction of the Metaverse for this young visionary represents not only a rather ostentatious investment, but he also finds it interesting to be part of its creation as a contribution to a society that is becoming increasingly more dependent on technology and various tools.


The controversy will remain hand in hand with the creators of the Metaverse; this time, it is linked to Meta and the possibility that its proposal focuses more on the creation of virtual and augmented reality devices rather than on the reality of virtual worlds.

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