Marvel will get another big game. We know who cooks it

Another big game in the Marvel Universe is in development. It will be an MMORPG prepared by experienced developers in this genre.

Responsible for the title is Dimensional Ink Studios, which worked on DC Universe Online, an MMORPG set in the DC universe, confirms the studio’s parent company, ENAD Global 7. The team previously had a Marvel MMO approach: but the project was canceled due to for the financial problems of the team. It looks like he came back alive.

We don’t know if the game will follow the same assumptions as DC Universe Online. In the named title, we can create our own hero or villain. During the game, we also meet heroes known from films and comics.

The release date of the MMORPG in the Marvel Universe remains a mystery. Parent company Dimensional Ink Studios says its development plans are long-term and hasn’t even named an approximate debut date. We should find out more details (hopefully) in the near future.

Recently, there have been reports on the network that PlayStation should prepare an MMO in the world of Marvel, which will resemble the DC Universe Online. However, there is no evidence that the Dimensional Ink project is linked to the aforementioned rumors.