Minecraft – tutorial. How do I create a rope?

There are many useful items in Minecraft, and one of them certainly includes a rope, also known as a leash. This inconspicuous item has several uses that you may not have known about.

Note – the text is based on knowledge from Minecraft Java Edition 1.17. There is a side-by-side Bedrock Edition on the market, and some of the information about these versions does not necessarily match. However, the manual should not contain significant differences between the two versions of the game.

How to create a rope in Minecraft?

To create a shoelace in Minecraft, you need to use a workbench. Prepare 4 pieces of thread and one ball of mucus, and then make them according to the diagram below. This will give you two ropes.

The easiest way to get strings is to kill the spiders, and the slime spheres are part of the slime drop. There is also an alternative way of obtaining threads, for example, from Striders in the Nether, by exchanging with Piglins, or by destroying web blocks. The slime balls can also be sniffed from time to time by the little pandas that only spawn in the bamboo jungle.

What is the rope used for?

The main use of a rope is to attach one of its ends to the most non-aggressive mobs. Exceptions to this rule are turtles, bats, and settlers. Especially with the latter, this would be an extremely useful option when creating your own systems to trade with them. Whoever has built such a building knows that relocating residents is an extremely onerous task.

To use this element, move the cursor over the target and press the right mouse button. Nothing prevents you from dragging several creatures along with you. It is enough to have with you the corresponding number of the instrument under discussion.

Important – if the tension is strong enough, the rope can break, as a result of which the object being dragged will come off from you and the rope will be thrown to the ground.

If, using a rope, press RMB on any fence, then the end that you hold in your hand will be tied to it. From now on, the mob will not leave this place, which allows you not to worry about its possible distance, escape or even get lost. And in this case, nothing prevents several animals from sticking to one roach.

Minecraft – strap in architecture

A rope in Minecraft can also be used for construction purposes. How about a bridge like the screenshot below? For such a design, you will need several mobs, preferably small ones. Chickens are ideal for this task as their eggs are a renewable resource in the game. Take a look at the example below:

Be sure to hide the chickens in the right place. Due to the fact that the composter allows you to enter it, I built supports to support the bridge. On the upper floors, I hid one chicken, which I hooked with a rope to the obstacles in the middle.

Rope + iron golem + cat = perfect defense

As previously mentioned, settlers cannot be tied to a rope, although this rule does not apply to other villagers – iron golems. Make one or more in the area you want to protect from monsters, and then attach it to the fence. He will not leave his position and will be able to defeat any aggressive monster. Creepers are an exception, but they can also be fought because they are afraid of cats. Make room for the cat and make him stay there.

A rope is a thing that can come in handy in many situations. Its manufacture is not very difficult, and at a low cost it allows, for example, to protect the entrances to your own base.