macOS Monterey is reportedly bricking old Macs

Apple released macOS Monterey last week as part of its annual update. However, many users reported that their Macs got bricked and weren’t able to turn on after updating to the latest version of the macOS.

Apple macOS Monterey

Users fled to Apple Support Communities, Twitter, and Reddit to report the issue after the update. Here are some of the tweets as reported by users:

A probable solution has come up on the Apple Support Communities which uses the Apple Configurator 2. The software essentially revives or restores the computer’s firmware. Apple mentions “In very rare circumstances, such as a power failure during a macOS update or upgrade, a Mac may become unresponsive and so the firmware must be revived or restored” in the support document.

Apple has not officially acknowledged the issue. However, we recommend users follow the steps and restore the firmware on their Mac if their machine is affected.