M3 Plus RGB: Small Zalman case with four RGB fans!

Korean brand Zalman announces a new PC case. This time it’s a small case with M3 Plus RGB. Designed for micro-ATX motherboards, this model comes with four RGB fans as standard!

M3 Plus RGB: Small Format Case with Four RGB Fans!

Internally, we have enough to install a micro-ATX or mini-ITX motherboard. In addition, for CPU coolers we have enough space of 165mm and 330mm for the graphics card. Finally, with regard to the power supply, a depth of 180 mm is available.

The storage portion has two 3.5″ slots, as well as four other 2.5″ slots.

For basic cooling, the case comes with four pre-installed aRGB fans. However, if desired, you can add four more: two on top and two more on the power supply cover. And for water-cooled radiators, compatibility is limited to 240mm front and top.

We end with a bill that, according to our colleagues , will reach 69 €.

Here is the Zalman technical sheet! 

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