The best Minecraft PE seeds of all time for 1.19 and 1.18 (September 2022)

We’re looking at some of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds you can find! This will make creating a new world much easier and give you the advantage of having an epic place to build your next creation. In our list below, we’ve included screenshots of highlights from each seed, a description of what you’ll find, and coordinates for key starting areas.

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List of the best Minecraft PE seeds

Best Minecraft 1.19 PE seeds

Separation of warm biome

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1559701409609232210

This seed sets the gold standard for biome diversity in Minecraft PE. You spawn on the edge of a biome divided into wet jungles, arid deserts, and temperate badlands. Given that biome diversity is essential to any good Minecraft experience with resources, this makes it the perfect seed for beginners and casual players alike. However, this is not only associated with warm biomes! You will find more

Crater mountain island

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Seed: 162712994

It’s taken nearly a decade for Minecraft PE players to play cross-platform with their friends, so they’re no strangers to isolation in Minecraft Survival. This seed is a solo play style because you start on a large island with only one village to keep you company. However, when you spawn on this large mountainous island, you will find unobstructed beautiful views and ample resources. The picture is so great you probably won’t even notice you’re playing on a small screen!

Outpost Mansion City

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Seed: -4165452041570647081

This seed will appeal to players who love early game challenges. You spawn in the middle of three outposts, one of which has a Mansion next to it. When you dive into the cave at the base of the Outpost, you enter directly into the Ancient City, one of the new buildings in Minecraft 1.19. From spawn you will also find almost every biome and group of most structures in the world within 3000 blocks!

ancient lush city

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

It was one of the first seeds that caught the public’s attention in Minecraft 1.19. It proved to be the perfect seed for players who want to appreciate the beauty of Lush Cave, but also want to explore the new Wilds update biomes. You start in an area that is near most of the world’s biomes, so most resources are quickly available to you. A couple of hundred blocks away is the Lush Cave, which branches into the Ancient City and causes one of the most breathtaking transitions between biomes. Lush Cave also has two open shafts!

Seed: -156227665


Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Seed: 3546842701776989958

Minecraft 1.19 couldn’t make world generation more interesting. You start this seed on the edge of the desert biome that touches the mangroves. A short walk from the spawn takes you to one of the most unusual combinations of structures we’ve ever seen. This Desert Village is transforming with Shipwreck, Nether Portal, Outpost and Desert Temple! With all these unusual and rare buildings near the spawn, you have a lot of equipment and valuable resources available for you to gain an advantage on the map!

Envy at the mansion

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Seed: -8854940294269027445

You can play Minecraft on a small screen, but you will feel like you are living a rich life with this wonderful double mansion seed. This is the perfect Minecraft Wilds PE seed if you want to create more story in your survival world. You will also find almost every biome within a 2500 block radius of the spawn point!

Best Minecraft 1.18 PE seeds

Impossible village

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Seed: 2100201543

In this exciting seed, you start the game near a village in a desperate situation. We say “impossible” because the only way this can happen is if one inhabitant messes with Spacetime and accidentally distorts the entire Chunk. Whatever the reason for this crazy situation, it works well to protect them from a robber outpost that appears just a short distance away!

Impossible mansion

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Seed: -892884632

If you are looking for a powerful start to your survival experience and want some exciting wonders in your world, this is the perfect seed for you. You start within 400 blocks of two villages in a beautiful green area with lots of water, resources, and special attractions all around. If you follow the nearby river southeast of Spawn, you’ll soon find the tallest mansion in the forest, which you’ll see at 1.18. There’s just too much on this map to pass up for your next PE world.

Robbery and the village

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Seed: 969325560

Is a conspiracy being prepared? Have the villagers made peace with the robbers in this world? No. Neither one nor the other. The world generation mechanics simply didn’t favor this village near the spawn and placed a looter outpost right in the middle. Do you think you’ll be able to gather enough gear and set up defenses for the villagers within the first few minutes of creation? Or will robbers wipe out the villagers and force you to rebuild?

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