Best Minecraft Village Seeds 1.18 and 1.19 for Java and Bedrock (August 2022)

Our Minecraft Village Seeds post includes some great world options with nearby villages to start your next world with! They are designed for both Bedrock and Java, so you should be able to find what you like on any platform. Villages can make your game much easier by giving you a place to start and trade!

List of the best seeds for Minecraft 1.18 and 1.19 Village

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.19 Java Village

Too many villages

Seed: 1000036

Villages are so numerous in the spawn zone of this seed that you will have to try not to find them. Not only do you spawn inside a village, you can also go in almost any direction to find at least five villages within the first 1500 spawn blocks. There are several types, including Plains, Taiga and Forest villages. With over 25 villages less than a day’s walk from the Minecraft spawn point, this is the best seed for players looking for as many villages as possible!

Old cities and new villages

Seed: -6367239042471136353

If you’re looking to access villages as soon as you start a world, you don’t need to look any further than this seed. You have at least 15 villages available within a 1500 spawn radius, which means you have enough resources and plenty of safe havens to protect you from the harsh world of Minecraft. When you visit all the villages and prepare properly, you will be able to protect them from evil in five ancient cities and four robber outposts, which are also within 1500 blocks of spawn!

Desert Temple Village and Outpost War

Code: 19000503

In this seed, you start your adventure in the middle of a deserted village. Within a 750 block radius, you’ll find five other desert villages, two desert outposts, and four desert temples. Such a large number of buildings and civilizations suggests that there could be an intense ground battle between the opposing sides, each teeming with resources. You’ll also find a mangrove swamp just a couple of hundred blocks away from the spawn, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore The Wilds 1.19 update!

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.19 Bedrock Village

desert village tower

Seed: -9036966008009856678

We chose this seed as one of the best village seeds because of how incredibly unique and charming the village is next to the spawn. Just a couple dozen blocks away is one of the most unusual Village formations we’ve ever seen – it’s generated on a tiered desert pillar, and each house has its own platform. This map is perfect for both the adventure mode storyline and the whimsical setting of your survival world. About 100 blocks from the spawn point is the Oceam Monument!

Villages on Lugovaya Gora

Seed: 2595113116242317821

You don’t appear near a village on this seed, but the beauty of the three nearby villages makes the short walk to them worth the adventure. There are three villages a few hundred blocks away from the spawn that sit on the outskirts of the massive ring of Meadow Mountains. Each village has its own field of flowers and offers the serene feeling that everyone wants to experience in the casual world of Minecraft. When you’re ready, you can move to the valley in the ring of mountains and build your own village in the Flower Plains biome you find there!

Failed Mangrove Swamp Village

Code: 67561815575817929

This is the perfect village seed for initial exploration of the world around Minecraft 1.19 The Wilds. Players start in a village right on the edge of the new biomes, the Mangrove Swamps. However, the village also includes a potential glitch in world generation for the new update, with one of the houses split in half and replaced with a broken Nether Portal. We are not sure if this was a failed experiment by a peasant or some other set of circumstances. Regardless, it’s still an amazing thing to see!

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.18 Java Village

Pitch Smith

Seed: -4060839488929676108

This village seed instantly became one of our favorites due to the incredibly unique world generation crash inside. Next to the spawn is a kind of village with a forge, which is generated underground. We don’t know if this blacksmith is a mole person or maybe too much of an introvert – but it’s still a rarity! While most of our seeds are focused on giving you instant access to as many decent villages as possible, we think this one is special and deserves a mention!

Bonanza Village

Seed: -4043078723174909697

Sometimes you just don’t want to be alone. And sometimes that means you need a Minecraft seed with an inordinate amount of villages available to you when you first spawn. This is the seed for such situations. Villages are evenly distributed and not clustered together like many Minecraft seeds. This gives you ample opportunities for adventure without having to worry about long periods of isolation while exploring. There are over 20 villages to discover within 2000 blocks of spawn! Think you can find them all?

Separation of the village and robberies

Code: -8019584034730892087

When you start this seed, you will be next to a mountain that runs between the village and the robber outpost, both within a 300 block radius. That alone makes it a rare seed, but you might also be excited to know that there are a total of eight villages and four rogue outposts within a 1000 block radius of Spawn. Obviously, there is some kind of struggle for control of the land. Which side will you take?

Best Minecraft 1.18 Bedrock Village Seeds


Seed: 952520698404159

Never before have we seen a village with so many blacksmiths. In this seed, you spawn near a town with over 10 blacksmiths, each with their own chests with lots of useful resources, especially for the early game. This makes it a great source for speedruns and an ideal source for players who want to start their adventure in a carefree way. However, Smithtown is a large village that is expanding in height and width. If you play in hard mode, you will have to work hard trying to protect the village!

mountain lair

Seed: 1090899386

If you’ve always wanted to be a villain or part of an unsuspecting village, here’s your chance. This seed spawns you near two villages and an outpost. One village spawns on top of a hollowed-out mountain, which is the perfect place for an underground lair. Perhaps this is a plot by a nearby outpost to destroy the city? No matter what story you make up, this is a truly beautiful seed with lots of buildings and wonderful views available to you right from the start!

Mountain faceoff

Seed: 8624896

This seed started out as one of the top 1.18 seeds and continues to hold that title. You appear next to a beautiful ring of mountains and within walking distance of two mountain villages. Nearby are two sinister outposts of rogues ready to cause trouble. Is this seed a battle for control of the mountain between good and evil?

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