Best DioField Chronicle Characters – Tier List

Best DioField Chronicle Characters – Tier List

The DioField Chronicle is Square Enix’s “Real-Time Tactical Combat” that recently wowed tactical JRPG fans around the world, but also brought some innovation to the genre with a slightly different approach to strategic combat – this time in real time.!

As a completely new title, The DioField Chronicle brought, in addition to a new system, a completely new world, an exciting story, and many new original characters. In the tier list below, you can see our breakdown of The DioField Chronicle characters from best to worst.

Best DioField Chronicle Characters – Tier List

The characters are all very stylish, and they all speak with a heavy British-English accent, of course, in accordance with the localization rules of the JRPG, but to find out how useful each of them will be in battles in the game, check out the list of levels below.

SS rank characters in The DioField Chronicle

  • Andrias Rondarson
  • Shivat Malzin

S rank in DioField chronicles

  • Donovar Sallion
  • Fredret Lester
  • Waltakin Redditch

Rank in The DioField Chronicle

  • Eshtalt Yufar
  • Iskarion Colchester
  • Rickenback Madea

Rank B in DioField Chronicles

  • Iseler Wigan

This is our division of The DioField Chronicle characters into tiers according to their effectiveness in battles, of course, this is only our choice, which represents our opinion after many hours spent in the game, maybe your tier list looks different? Feel free to share it with us!

DioField Chronicle is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X consoles.

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