Best STALKER Anomaly Mods (November 2022)

STALKER Anomaly is a testament to the dedication of the STALKER modding community and their love for the series. This commitment has also extended to the famous overhaul mod, while the game mod from the original STALKER series now has its own mods. These STALKER Anomaly mods come in many forms and they all bring something new to STALKER Anomaly. Below you will find a list of some of the best mods we could find for STALKER Anomaly 1.5.2 and 1.5.1. But before downloading any of these mods, read both mod descriptions and the date the mod was last updated. In short, mods will often be incompatible with other mods while others will be outdated.

Completed overhaul of the trader

Image from mod author Anomaly Developers

Trader Overhaul is a simple mod that solves the problems with the STALKER Anomaly economy and improves them. The mod pretty much accomplishes this by getting merchants to sell more unique items and changing the behavior of others. For example, some merchants will now accept artifacts similar to the environmental merchant, while others will sell higher-level loot. Trader Overhaul also changes what equipment some traders can have and increases the chance of random STALKERS trading with you. Download this mod if you’re looking for more options when selling equipment, or just better merchants in general.

Soundscape overhaul

Image from mod author Anomaly Developers

Soundscape Overhaul is another JSRS-like mod that processes and modifies/enhances the sound in STALKER Anomaly. However, instead of weapon sounds, the focus is on improving various ambient and environmental sounds for a more immersive experience. Some of the things the mod changes and improves include the following:

We highly recommend downloading this mod and combining it with other sound mods like JSRS for an immersive experience.

survival hunter

Image via mod The author is not careful

If you ever wanted more sense in hunting the various mutant creatures that roam the Zone in STALKER Anomaly, this mod called Hunter Survival Crafting will help you. The mod adds more recipes that you can create at the stake using parts that can be collected from mutants. With the mod, the ability to upgrade parts of your mutants has also been added to increase their value. In addition, several healing items can now be crafted from mutant parts. Other items you can make with Hunter Survival Crafting include the following:

JSRS 4.0 sound mod

Image by mod author JSRS Team

JSRS Sound Mod is a sound mod that reworks the weapon sounds in the STALKER Anomaly, making them more realistic with new assets and new distant sounds. Other weapon sound improvements are new first-person stereo sounds and over eight sound layers for all STALKER Anomaly weapons. We highly recommend downloading this mod to make the Zone in STALKER Anomaly sound like a combat zone.

Blindsides weapon resuscitation rebalance

Image from mod author Blindxside

If you are looking for weapon mods, we recommend a mod called Blindside’s Weapon Reanimation Rebalance. The mod adds new animations and improves the performance of various vanilla in-game weapons in STALKER Anomaly. These upgraded weapons are also receiving stat adjustments and overall weapon balancing, as well as new animations. Blindside even added muting and some fire mode selection animations for some guns. If you want a complete list of weapons that have been reanimated with this mod, check out the list below:

Boom sticks and sharp sticks

Image from mod author Anomaly Developers

Finding new weapons and using them in the Zone is one of the many fun things about STALKER Anomaly. Because of this, you may want to consider adding more weapons in the future. Fortunately, Boomsticks and Sharpsticks will help you by adding several new weapons, gadgets and even knives to the game. With Boomsticks installed, you will find brand new weapons while exploring the Zone. These weapons will appear on various enemies, friendly NPCs, and even merchants in the game. The added weapons also include attachments in most cases, fresh animations and gunshot sounds.

famous hunter

Image from mod author GruntSpaceCowboy

Famous Hunter is one of our favorite mods because it makes hunting mutants extremely lucrative. In short, the mod adds a brand new merchant to the Zone, the Famous Hunter, who manages the Hunting Lodge. This new Trader will give players contracts to hunt various monsters in STALKER. Players tracking down the desired mutants can collect mutant parts and sell them back to the Hunter. Selling Mutant parts will make players a lot of money due to the increase in prices for all Mutant parts. Overall, Famous Hunter is a lot of fun and we recommend adding it to every playthrough.

Animations about food, drugs and drinks

Image from mod author Anomaly Developers

Another great immersion mod that any player should add to STALKER Anomaly is a mod called Food Drug and Drink Animations . The mod from mod author Feel_Fried adds various new animations so that when your character eats, drinks, or takes drugs, an animation for that is shown on the screen. However, before adding a mod, be sure to read the description of the mod. In short, the mod is currently in early development, so using the mod may result in some bugs or instability. Regardless, we still highly recommend adding this mod along with other animation reworks or changes to increase the overall level of immersion when playing STALKER Anomaly.

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