Best money farming methods in Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, there are two main methods for earning money, or zennies. The first one involves visiting the Flooded Forest during the mountain climb, collecting as much ore as possible to sell. The second way is to farm Gotta Hoard Fast! quest to receive Golden Eggs as a reward if completed in less than five minutes. These are the best money farming methods in Monster Hunter Rise.

Best farming methods for Zenny in MHR

Selling items is the best way to get Zeni in Monster Hunter Rise as the rewards for hunting are not very high. Ore and golden eggs are the main resources that players will collect for sale. The most efficient method of growing zenni is to head to the Flooded Forest during the mountain climb to sell all the ore you’ve collected. The second most effective method, requiring less effort, is simply to save quickly! quest in less than five minutes to get the Golden Eggs.

How to farm ore in the Flooded Forest

Going on an expedition tour of the Flooded Forest or any map during a mountain climb will increase the number of items the player can collect from each mountain outcrop. Novacrystals cost 2440 Zenny each and can only be found in the Flooded Forest. Players can collect multiple Novacrystals during these mining spikes and they can be farmed easily if players know where each Mining Outcrops is.

To make it easier to get directions, players can make their mini-map detailed. This can be done by going to Options under the System tab in the menu and selecting HUD Map Type. The detailed map will show all gathering areas that players are looking for without having to expand the map. When mining, players can get an additional item if they have the Geologist skill level 3.

What armor has the Geologist Skill?

Players who do not have three Gems of Geology will instead be required to wear armor with the Geologist skill. Armor that has the skill:

  • Team Suit S – Geologist lvl 1 Capture Master lvl 1
  • Brigade Vambraces S – Prospector Level 2
  • Brigade Bracers – Prospector Level 2
  • Tricky Glasses – Prospector Level 2
  • Guild Cross Boots – Geologist Level 1, Carver Professional Level 1
  • Guild Cross Outfit – Prospector Level 1, Marathon Runner Level 1
  • Guild Cross Vambraces – Prospector Level 1, Wall Runner Level 1
  • Leather Gloves S – Prospector Tier 1, Special Ammo Boost Tier 1
  • Leather Gloves – Prospector Level 1
  • Leather Hat S – Prospector Level 1, Hunger Resistance Level 1
  • Leather Pants S – Prospector Level 1
  • Leather Pants – Prospector Level 1

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