Best Fortnite Puzzle Card Codes (Sep 2022)

If you want to test your knowledge and go through some new maps, we have some great puzzle maps for you to try. Puzzle maps are one of the most popular types of maps in Fortnite, and they cover a wide variety of play styles such as quests, quizzes, or hidden object searches.

In our list, we offer the best of the latest puzzle maps available, and we only pick the ones that stand out in some way. Whether it’s because of their thoughtful design, complexity or uniqueness – you’re sure to find something you love!

List of codes for the best Fortnite puzzle maps

The best Fortnite puzzle maps

Detective stories. Saga

Detective stories. Saga, part 1. Map code: 1268-5357-8081. Detective stories. Saga, part 2. Map code: 4540-8217-9757. Detective stories. Saga, part 3. Map code: 8276-4374-6091.

Experience a new take on puzzle cards in this story-rich series that takes you into a noir detective story. Investigate crimes and interrogate NPCs to discover the truth behind the mystery, and use any equipment at your disposal to uncover what the NPCs aren’t telling you. Can you find out what really happened to Isabelle Russell?

Daily puzzle quests

Daily puzzle quests: 0597-2201-5280

This map features a series of quests that came out one after the other. It was published during Chapter 3 Season 2 and all daily puzzles have been added, so no future updates are planned at this time. But that doesn’t make the map any less fun! As an all-in-one card, it’s one step ahead of the rest, offering seven separate puzzles of varying difficulty. Don’t think you’ve completed the map just because you escaped one room!

Hudson Mansion

Hudson Mansion Map Code: 4293-5026-9534

Player, be careful, you won’t be able to finish this map. Not because it’s too hard, but because you might be afraid to move on. Hudson’s mansion has plenty of frightening jumps that throw you off balance and make it difficult to focus on the puzzles scattered throughout the house. Your only goal is to escape, but you may not be able to solve the deadly puzzle traps that hold you back.

Quest room – Witch’s house

Escape Room – Map Witch House Code: 0843-7298-3578

The Witch House is a spooky quest room that puts you in the middle of your own spooky tale. The witch has trapped you in her house, and your own chance of survival depends on your own quick wit. Can you master the elements of magic and use her own power against her to escape her deadly home?

Rising hell

Towering Inferno Map Code: 1941-6128-6815

Having the Detective as a character in a game often means that the game will focus heavily on players investigating clues, solving puzzles, and uncovering mysteries. This card is no exception. She could easily be considered the gold standard for detective/puzzle cards, even with her (current) unpopularity. If you’re looking for a decent puzzle map that will pique your interest in the genre, check out this map first!

The Secret of the Puzzle Library

The Secret of Puzzle library card code: 4777-2914-5281

This is a challenging map that puts you in a library that you must navigate through while solving many puzzles. Although the map is a bit buggy, the puzzles are fun to solve. This map is similar to quests, but with fewer combination locks to solve. Most of the puzzles on this map (of which there are several different types) require you to draw your own conclusions, which is all too rare on puzzle maps.

50 exits

50 Ways Out Card Code: 5562-0386-0559

What makes this quest room unique is that it doesn’t have a long story that you’ll unfold as you progress. Instead, it features 50 simple mini-quests that offer a unique challenge in each level. This is a challenging map that will force you to find smart methods to solve 50 different problems. If you’re stuck trying to escape 50 times in a row, be sure to watch the video below for help!

Ultimate find button

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Code Ultimate Find the Button Map: 5519-7078-3364

Find the button puzzles are not a new concept, but a decent one – a rarity in Fortnite maps. On this map, you end up in the same area over and over again, and you have to find a button each time. A simple concept, but some of the later levels require careful searching and extensive use of your brain to think of where someone might be hiding something. Just remember: puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, just like buttons!

Exogenesis: Co-op Puzzle Escape

Exogenises: Co-Op Escape Puzzle Map Code: 8111-8467-7659

What attracted us the most about this map is that you can enjoy a challenging and interesting puzzle game with a friend. In it, you must work together and use your combined brains to find clues and solve the mystery of the story. If you’re up for some serious brain exercise, be sure to grab your smartest friend and give this card a try.

Spot the Difference Halloween Edition

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Halloween Spot the Difference Card Code: 8222-8452-1872

Regardless of the season, everyone loves to play Spot the Differences! In each level of this creative card, you will have two sides of the puzzle, each representing the same image. However, one image contains differences from the other side that you need to notice in order to move forward. This puzzle map requires the utmost attention to detail and a good memory!

Dungeon Prison

Dungeon Prison Map Code 3: 2523-7785-1762 Dungeon Prison Map Code 2: 3908-1285-8738 Dungeon Prison Map Code 1: 6134-1187-5161

This is the third part of Dungeon Prison, a very popular dungeon escape series. In the series, you are imprisoned repeatedly by a mysterious figure for a crime you didn’t commit, and you must complete tricky jumps, discover hidden secrets, and solve challenging puzzles to survive. We’ve included the code for Dungeon Prison 2 and Dungeon Prison 1 so you can enjoy the entire series!

Puzzle Fortress Guardians

Guardian’s Puzzle Fortress map code: 7709-8759-7393

In The Guards Puzzle Keep, you must explore the fortress and find a way to escape. The fortress has secret passages and hidden keys that you will need to open them. Once you get deeper into the puzzle, you will see many different puzzles that will definitely make you use your brain. This map requires some serious critical thinking and pattern recognition!

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