Best Healers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – List of Healer Classes

If you want to create the best healer build in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to fight in an endless war, you have come to the right place. We’ve ranked all eight healer classes below so you can get a better idea of ​​the heroes with the best abilities.

Tiered healer class list for Xenoblade Chronicles 3

S-level healer classes Medic Marksman: The starting class for the Medic Marksman is the Juni. She can shoot both enemies and health with her scythe and rifle combo. Additionally, she can fuse with Tyon to create the perfect healer. Tactician: The Tactician Hero is Tyone. While Yuni initially controls the mecha suit, Tyon is later able to unlock his own form which makes use of his martial arts skills. While he’s not necessarily a better healer than Yuni, his combat skills are a big reason why we include him in the S-tier.
A-level healer classes Military Medic: Valdy is the hero of the military medic, as well as the first secondary character that can stay around all the time. He does not have a mechanical suit, but he is very good with weapons. Thaumaturge: The Thaumaturge’s hero is Tych, a dynamic character with decent healing abilities. His weapon of choice is a stick with energy beams emanating from both ends. In addition to being super-rad, this weapon also gives him a distinct advantage over other healers in terms of strength.
B-level healer classes Glyph: By spinning the flag, Fiona can create fields that restore health and defense stats. Although she is not the best fighter, she is a good healer. Troubadour: Miyabi becomes an excellent healer when unlocked. Her weapons are two fans that do not reach much range and do not deal serious damage, although she is able to fully restore the squad’s health. Strategist: The Hero of the Strategist is the Izurd. He uses a weapon similar to Tyon, and while he is technically stronger and better at healing than Tyon, he is unable to fuse in a mechanical suit with Yuni.
F-level healer classes Lifesafe: Nia and Lifesafe as a class in general would be an S-tier inclusion if not for the fact that they are unlocked after beating the game. Once you get to that point in the game, you really won’t need her, although she’s great to have in a group.

It’s worth noting that all tier lists depend on what you specifically need for your play style. We have found that this tier list works best for us. Let us know in the comments below if this worked for you too!

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