Best ARs in Warzone 2: Assault Rifle Tier List

While each class in Warzone 2 has its merits, assault rifles are among the most popular for good reason. They offer a level of versatility that no other weapon has, with their inherent range, rate of fire, and medium mobility. But it can be hard to tell which AR is right for you, and the tier list is what will help you choose.

Based on the meta, tier lists will continue to change, especially since Warzone 2 is so new. That said, there are already some standout picks, and the meta isn’t all that far from what we saw in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. We’ll go over each AR from best to worst in our own list of battle royale tiers.

Warzone 2 – Assault Rifle Tier List

In Warzone, many assault rifles are chosen based on their combination of control and damage. Recoil control has always been a major factor in mainstream AR gear, and that applies here as well. The best ARs have both, while the worst have no crowd control or damage. Keep in mind that this list is subject to change and may differ from other lists, but we based our ranking on the latest Season 1 patch.

S-Tier Assault Rifles

With the current Season 1 patch, TAQ-56 is an easy choice for the king of the meta. This AR has fantastic recoil control, large ammo capacity, and strong impact. With the right equipment, this is an easy-to-use and effective primary weapon in any combat.

A level assault rifles

This layer continues to change and will likely continue until everyone finds a better way to customize attachments. At the same time, Lachmann-556 and Kastov 762 are two opposites on the same level due to their consistency. The low rate of fire and high damage make the 762 surprisingly easy to shoot and the TTK is low. Lachmann has almost no recoil like 545, but much more damage.

B Tier Assault Rifles

These three weapons define the meta in Modern Warfare 2, so it’s fun to see them in the mid tier. This is not to say that they are bad and I still recommend them to all players who like these rifles. But they will lose to an equal player using something like TAQ-56. However, combat in Warzone 2 isn’t always fair and these weapons can still do the job.

C-Tier Assault Rifles

Of these three weapons, the M13B has the most potential and could climb up the ranks very soon. On the other hand, Kastov 545 and M16 seem to be stuck at the lowest end. The same rule applies to them in MW2 multiplayer, and unfortunately they probably need more tweaking. Use them at your own risk.

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