Keeping food cold remains the best feature of a smart refrigerator.

Food doesn’t care what building it lives in as long as it’s cold. You can have a cardboard box refrigerator with a big ice cube and a flapping condor, or one of the new smart refrigerators that looks like the International Space Station.

In any case, none of them will help immediately when you come home from work and find only condiments inside. But a smart refrigerator can make you feel really stupid.

Smart refrigerators tend to offer automatic temperature control (I’d just put mine on cold), integration with all your smart devices, and often the ability to peek inside the fridge through a camera or window – a particularly useful feature if you’re worried about milk and eggs being pounced. on you and take your money for lunch.

Keeping empty milk cartons cold in style

Grab the Samsung French Door Family Hub Refrigerator – wow, what a long name. Luckily, he has no way to escape because it would take too long to summon him.

This eyepatch-like refrigerator-like monolith has a built-in display where you can control all your smart devices, including the ability to check who’s at the front door if you have a compatible video intercom. This would clearly make your refrigerator the master of all devices in your home. Will they riot?

There’s even a built-in camera that lets you remotely see what’s in the fridge from your phone if you’re at the grocery store and want to check if you forgot something. Do you know how many times I used this at the checkout to let everyone waiting know what a fancy fridge I have? Many times. They would ban me from this store.

The Bosch 800 Series Refrigerator (it looks more like it) issues a warning if the door is open to prevent occupants from suffering a slow death, and if you double -tap the LG InstaView Refrigerator , you can peek inside and see the secret of your food. Fight club.

Smart vs not so smart

If you’re not sure if you need a smart refrigerator, it’s worth asking yourself an important question: Do I already have a working refrigerator? If you do that and it still stays cold (mine heats up and then eats food), a smart fridge is probably not needed.

Even if you are looking for a new refrigerator, a smart refrigerator is probably what you need. They tend to cost thousands more than your standard decent fridge. Yes, they conveniently help with recipes and grocery shopping, and features like the family center that streams shows and displays notes can be fun for kids.

But is a smart refrigerator better than a regular refrigerator with a calendar and cute drawings on magnets? Not really.

What’s more, I’m already spending way too much time thinking about what’s in the fridge or mindlessly peeking inside as if I’m going to find a snack to end all snacks. A cool smart fridge that makes me spend even more time with it is a tool I don’t need in my life.

Now, if they make a smart refrigerator that says passive-aggressive things like “Dude, it’s three in the morning,” then I’ll be all in. But if they sound cool to you and you have the nerve to live with a smart fridge, check them out.

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