Best Lachmann Submarine Outfit in Warzone 2 Season 1

Submachine guns are one of the best weapons in the first season of Warzone 2, and one of the best choices is the Lachmann submarine. This weapon, also known as the MP5, deals tons of damage at close range while maintaining the ability to win fights at medium range.

The only other weapon that clearly outperforms the MP5 is the Fennec, but even so, it still comes close. And it is at medium ranges that the Lachmann submarine will outshine the Fennec as a sniper support. In this download guide, we will discuss everything that makes MP5 the best choice.

Warzone 2 Season 1 – Lachmann Submarine Best Gear

There are usually two ways to build a submachine gun in Warzone. You either focus on the weapon as a sniper support with more versatility, or you focus on the melee weapon as your primary. We need a melee build this time, and you can find each attachment below.

As with many other Warzone 2 consumables, our first focus is on the Lachmann submarine’s barrel slots. Our goal is to provide greater range, bullet speed and control in all directions. For this we need an FTAC-Sub 12″ along with an XTEN RR-40 muzzle . The barrel can be left intact, but the muzzle should change to -1.4 vertically and 1 horizontally for more versatility.

The focus then shifts to speed on the MP5. Attach the Lachmann TCG-10 Rear Grip and LM Stockless MOD for the best mobility performance. They can also be left alone most of the time, but if you feel the need, they can be tweaked to your liking for control.

The final attachment is the 40 Round Mag and it’s an easy choice. There is no customization in this part, and it is purely for ammo increase. You will need extra ammo in the war zone.

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