Lost Ark – Which classes are gender bound?

The popular MMO Lost Ark is finally out in the west and players are flocking to play this adventure game. One of the most important things in any MMO is creating your character. There are two main factors to consider: gender and class. So which characters in Lost Ark should be male and female?

All classes are gender-linked in Lost Ark

Classes in Lost Ark are gender-based. This means that when choosing a class, you cannot change the gender of your character. There are usually male and female versions of most classes, but some don’t have both versions yet. Below we have compiled a list of all classes and their genders in Lost Ark.

Class Floor
Driver Male
Berserk Male
Paladin Male
shooter Male
Wardancer female
Scraper female
soulfist female
Attack Male
Artilleryman Male
shooter female
Dead eye Male
Sniper Male
Bard female
Enchantress female
Ghost hunter female
Deathblade female

More classes are planned to be added in the future, and some of them will be male or female versions of the current classes. At the moment, players have a choice of the above classes and gender.

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