Lies of P boss guide: How to easily defeat the Fallen Archbishop, Andreus

The Fallen Archbishop, Andreus, is arguably the toughest boss encounter that you’ll have to face in the first half of Lies of P. While the boss does fall short in terms of difficulty when compared to some of the late-game bosses in the game, like Laxasia, Simon, or the King of Puppets, it is still quite challenging, especially for the early-game.

Featuring a massive health pool, a plethora of long and short-range attacks, and a semi-armored body, the Fallen Archbishop is a formidable foe, one that’s not to be trifled with, especially if you’re unprepared. Serving as the final boss of chapter 4, Andreus is also the first boss in Lies of P to feature two very distinct phases.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to easily defeat the Fallen Archbishop, Andreus in Lies of P, including suggestions for the best weapon, Legion Arms, and more.

Tips to easily defeat Fallen Archbishop, Andreus in Lies of P

The Fallen Archbishop, Andreus is the final boss of chapter 4, and being one of the mandatory main story bosses, it is arguably quite challenging. Also, the Fallen Archbishop is the very first boss in the game to feature two phases, each with a full health bar. And if the boss’ massive health pool isn’t enough of a challenge, it also has the ability to inflict the Decay status ailment.

Fortunately, right before chapter 4, you’re given access to a Legion Arm – Flamberge, which is very useful against this boss. Being one of the infected enemy types, the Fallen Archbishop, Andreus is very susceptible to the Overheat and Shock status ailments. As such, having weapons imbued with those status effects will help a lot against this boss fight in Lies of P.

Here are a few tips that will help you defeat the Fallen Archbishop, Andreus in Lies of P without much hassle:

  • While it is possible to defeat the Fallen Archbishop using any of the weapons you’re comfortable with, I do recommend using the Electric Coil Stick, which not only is a pretty powerful blunt weapon but one that also comes imbued with the Shock status.
  • As for the Legion Arms, I highly recommend either Fulminis or Flamberge. However, during my time with the game, I did find Flamberge to be slightly more effective at close range and capable of dealing more damage than Fulminis.
  • Once you decide on a weapon, you’re ready to take on the boss. Lastly, while it is completely optional if you’re having a tough time with the boss, I do recommend summoning the Spectre, which does help divert the boss’ aggro, giving you a much-needed break to either heal, buff, or reposition.
  • To deal with the first phase, stick to either of the hind legs of the boss and chip away at its health bar. Do not get greedy and only deal damage with two-hit light attack combos. Dealing ample damage to the boss will break its posture, allowing you to stagger it with a charged heavy attack.
  • I recommend not using your fable arts in the first phase, as it will come in quite handy in the second phase to get an easy posture break on the boss.
  • The second phase is quite similar to the first phase, but it adds an additional set of attacks to the boss’ arsenal, i.e., the spear slash. Fortunately, if you stick to the boss’ hind legs, none of its attacks should reach you.
  • Beware of the charged AoE (Area of Effect) attack, which the Archbishop uses after its health drops below 50%. You can either parry it or dodge away from it. We recommend the latter, as the parry window on this attack is very small.
  • It is also recommended to go into the second phase unlocked, as it will allow you to better focus on the boss’ hind legs without the camera messing with your dodge and quick steps.
  • Once you deal ample damage to the Fallen Archbishop, it should render it Groggy and susceptible to stagger. This is when you can use your fabled arts or, in case of the Electric Coil Stick, a charged heavy attack to finish off the boss with a stagger finisher.

Once the Fallen Archbishop is defeated, you’ll be able to progress through Lies of P’s story and make your way to Rosa Isabelle Street, where you’ll meet the King of Puppets.

While the bosses in Lies of P can be quite challenging in general, once you get the hang of the game’s combat system, they become manageable and can be dealt with easily.

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