Leak shows off next-gen Xbox controller featuring haptic feedback like Sony’s DualSense

The FTC v. Microsoft battle may be all but over but the leaks aren’t stopping. In a new wave of documents that has been discovered, still unredacted and available to the public for some reason, Microsoft’s Xbox hardware plans have been shown off prematurely. One of these is a brand-new Xbox Wireless Controller that’s reportedly in development with features that Sony PlayStation fans may be familiar with.

Coming with the codename Sebile, the shape of the controller largely seems to be remaining the same from the Xbox One and Series X generations. However, what seems to be a more grippy material is covering the bottom half of this iteration, while the top half remains the same plastic finish fans have come to expect from Xbox controllers. The middle share button is repositioned somewhat.

As the document shows, the biggest additions are on the inside, with Sebile featuring “precision haptic feedback”drivers as opposed to the current rumble functionality. These Voice-coil actuator (VCA) haptics can also double as speakers. An accelerometer as well as quieter buttons/thumb sticks are also a part of it.

Next-gen Xbox Wireless Controller

Haptics for more immersive game experiences have been a major promotional point of Sony’s PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers. If Microsoft is also jumping into the technology, we should see much more titles support the refined vibration tech.

The Sebile Xbox controller is also listed as shipping with Xbox Wireless 2, Direct-to-Cloud (possibly similar to Stadia controller), and Bluetooth 5.2 support. Removable battery compartment is returning as well. A new Lift to Wake feature and modular thumbsticks are mentioned too, with the latter hopefully being a cheaper solution to the analog stick drift issue.

The documents reveal that Sebile will be included with the newly leaked Xbox Series X|S refreshes. The controller itself will come in at $69.99 with support for consoles, PC, and mobile devices. As expected, special and limited edition versions are planned as well.

Source: FTC via The Verge

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