Land of the Lustrous manga: Where to read, what to expect, and more

The Land of the Lustrous manga reveals a lot about how far the medium can go with concepts and ideas, by introducing readers to a story set in the future where immortal jewels can take the form of people. Such a weird and bizarre concept could have easily failed, but Land of the Lustrous is a very enjoyable story and has a unique world-building that gets people’s attention from the get-go.

However, great world-building and a very peculiar race of characters don’t always translate to a lot of success. The Land of the Lustrous manga has done well enough to continue even to this very day, but it also has to be noted that the manga doesn’t get the credit author Haruko Ichikawa deserves.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Land of the Lustrous manga.

All the details about the Land of the Lustrous manga

Where to read

Considering the fact that the Land of the Lustrous manga is published by Kodansha, the good news is that a lot of people are going to be able to read it. This publisher has a K MANGA official platform that can be downloaded as an app, and people will be able to read any series that belongs to them.

When it comes to the technical side of things, this series began publication back in October of 2012 and has been active ever since, although not without its shortcomings. The series has had its fair share of hiatus in recent years, which has led to a hectic and chaotic publication schedule. This is also why there are only 12 volumes in the series, despite the manga being ongoing for eleven years now.

What to expect

The story of the Land of the Lustrous manga takes place a long time after modern-day Earth is destroyed by several meteorites and humans have been long gone. As the centuries go by, a new race is born and that is part of the manga’s premise–shining and immortal jewels that can have human-like forms and have their own sets of personalities.

The main character of the series is a girl, that goes by the name of Phosphophyllite (commonly known as Phos), and she is fairly weak when compared to the rest of her people. This is the cause of her struggles and the initial premise of the story. She eventually meets another tortured soul in Cinnabar, and they become best friends, thus kick-starting their journey to find a purpose in their lives and a place in this world.

The Land of the Lustrous manga also has the backdrop of a war between the jewel race and people from the moon, which is a plot point that continues to grow as the series progresses. However, the major focus of this Seinen manga is on Phos and her trying to learn her own self-worth, which proves to be very difficult at first. Yet, as the series progresses and introduces more people, her reality and thought process change greatly.

Final thoughts

The Land of the Lustrous manga is an underrated gem in the industry, and Ichikawa deserves a lot more recognition as a mangaka for this creation.

There is much to like about this series and an underlying message about trying to find purpose and meaning in a war-torn world, which is something that is everlasting in terms of cultural relevance.

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