Konami Submits DMCA Claims Due to New Silent Hill Concept Art Leaked

There have been persistent rumors for several months now that a new Silent Hill game is in development, perhaps several. Now there are new leaks showing off concept art for a new Silent Hill game, and thanks to Konami’s quick digital-age copyright infringement claim, we know the leak was likely real. 

DuskGolem, a leaker who previously had a solid track record of leaking Resident Evil, took to Twitter last night to share some recently received images showing concept art for a new Silent Hill game. The leader also claims that characters like Anita and Maya will be back, and there could be some ARG elements in the game, including the ability to send text messages to your phone. Interestingly, this claim about texting in the new Silent Hill was made by previously current Sony Santa Monica writer, Alana Pierce.

The leaked images were the subject of a DMCA claim from Konami within hours of the tweets being posted, apparently in direct response to an attempt to stop the leak before it got too much attention. Unfortunately, the opposite happened, as the DMCA’s announcement essentially “confirmed” the leak in the eyes of many.

These specific concept arts are reported to be from 2020, but the insider did not mention which studio was working on the game. While the original tweet no longer contains the images, they have been saved and posted elsewhere, including on the resetera forums .

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