God of War Ragnarok Composer Claims Her Work Hasn’t Been Mentioned

An intern who helped with the soundtrack for God of War: Ragnarok has stated that her work on the game has not been properly recognized.

Her frustration at not seeing her name in the credits was understandable given the importance of her role in the game’s development. On Twitter , Mao detailed her emotions and highlighted the key sections and parts of the story she was working on. In the Freya chase sequence and the Thor boss fight, she helped with editing, arranging and performing the soundtrack.

To be honest, Mao wasn’t even close to being the biggest songwriter on the God of War Ragnarok soundtrack. She reveals this in a more recent tweet , where she confirms that she was actually a trainee in the game’s music production department and that she only spent two months on the project, from June to August 2021 , out of the four years it took to create . make a game.

Regardless of the huge impact she has had on the game, she insists that the work she did was important and that she should be recognized for it. Oddly enough, the explanation presented as to why one name can’t be added to the end credits doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Most fans feel that she should get at least some credit for her work at Santa Monica Studios , because she apparently worked on several hugely important musical sequences. It got to the point where some fans are demanding that Santa Monica release a patch with Mao in the credits.

Even if Mao’s attitude may seem ungrateful, she is right in the end, as everyone should receive some sort of recognition for their efforts. It is not yet known if the studio will respond to this accusation.

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