Will Commander Shepard be back? Amazon Studios wants to film Mass Effect TV series

Mass Effect may return as an acting series! Amazon is close to signing a contract to adapt games.

Not long ago, the Mass Effect series returned with the well-received Legendary Edition. However, there is now a chance to bring the BioWare title into a TV series. Commander Shepard and the entire team have a chance to return thanks to Amazon Studios. The information was confirmed by the head of the company Jennifer Salke.

“We will continue to invest in the fantasy genre, we have a dedicated fantasy team at [Amazon] Studios, and they are working tirelessly on this with our creative partners.”

Salke added.

Salke added.

Thus, Amazon is fighting for its position in the world of TV series. As you know, the studio is already working on a serial version of The Lord of the Rings, as well as on an adaptation of Fallout. The company appears to be aiming to establish itself as a producer of game-based series set in the fantasy world. How will they show themselves in this role? We’ll probably find out soon.