Kojima Productions and NASA team up to create a special edition watch

Hideo Kojima has been on a roll lately, first working with PlayStation and now making a new deal with Xbox to make an exclusive game for them. But games aren’t the only thing Kojima Productions is working on, as they surprised fans with the recent announcement of a NASA collaboration on an upcoming watch special edition. Although not surprising since the company already sells clothing and other collectibles on its website.

The watch itself is produced by the independent watch and design company ANICORN. In fact, the company works with other companies to produce special watches and other accessories. In fact, if you look through their catalog, they already have a joint line with NASA .

ANICORN designed SPACE LUDENS together with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, using the NASA logo as one of the design motifs, which perfectly fits the concept of “bring fun to the unknown universe.”

Ludens is the icon and mascot of KOJIMA PRODUCTION, designed by Yoji Shinkawa, who was originally born from the idea of ​​an astronaut exploring the digital space.


The clock itself is called Space Ludens . And this is a reference to the company’s mascot, which, by the way, is also called Ludens. On the mascot, an ” extravehicular creative activity (ECA) suit ” and a flag with the Kojima Productions logo can be seen . The upcoming watch appears to be inspired by the creative Ludens EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) suit seen in the massive metal watch design with silver and gold accents.

According to ANICORN, the watch will be released on September 27th and will be available for purchase directly from their website . While pricing details have yet to be revealed, we can expect the price to be north of the $ 900 mark. Most other ANICORN watches are priced in the same range, starting at $500 and going up to the $ 1000 + mark for NASA’s 60th Anniversary Series.

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