PlayStation may get a new menu someday. Sony wants to make our life easier

Sony’s new patent has not been identified. It’s worth knowing, though, that the company would like to make it easier for PlayStation players to navigate between apps and games.

A similar idea was used on the Xbox One, but … it didn’t catch on very well.

PlayStation may get an interesting patent

You can never be sure about Sony patents. We don’t know if they will ever be used and if they might actually work the way the creators would like. Nevertheless, the company’s new ideas seem extremely interesting.

According to a patent available on the Internet , Sony would like to make it easier and faster for players to switch between games and different applications. A completely new menu based on the idea of ​​”layers” will help with this. The idea seems simple to implement, but it doesn’t have to.

There was once a Snap tool on Xbox One that worked in a similar way. Unfortunately, then the use of RAM was so high that an interesting idea had to be abandoned. Sony might know how to make it work.

The window can be docked to the graphical user interface (graphical user interface – editor’s note) and the user can automatically switch to another application.

Sony patent

Sony patent

So far, if we even wanted to turn on music during the game, we had to exit the game, return to the main menu and select the appropriate application. Sony would rather have it all overlaid on all sorts of applications. Calling him will not force us to turn off the game.

This sounds as ambitious as possible, but in the end it can cause a lot of technological problems. In the end, I don’t know if we will ever see the implementation of the solution in practice.