Easy Deathrun Cheats For Fortnite (Sep 2022) – Maps For Noobs!

While most Deathrun maps are meant to be quite challenging, many players want to kick back and warm up their skills before jumping into extreme maps. Easy deathruns aren’t usually advertised in the Discover tab, so we’ve compiled a list of very easy deathrun codes that are great if you’re new, default, or noob! These maps also have a few basics that you need to know as you try to get through some of the more difficult death runs.

Deathruns is one of the most popular Fortnite creative games for mapmakers. Some of them enjoy torturing their players with excruciating hardships in their death runs, perhaps to emphasize death while running. Our list of codes below fights against this idea by providing fun deathrun maps with little effort. If you want to relax and turn death runs into a laid-back and social experience, we’ve got you covered!

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Best Fortnite Easy Deathrun Map Codes

glass bridge

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Glass Bridge Map Code: 1890-3900-1823

While this is a point of contention as to whether the game is easy or not, we wanted it to be given special mention due to its simple concept: a death run in which you must rely on luck to jump from one end of the room to another. Another. Inspired by the Squid series of games, most players recognize the similarity: you start on one side and must risk 50/50 on each jump. One option leads to elimination, and the other only brings you closer to the end.

180+ Deathrun levels Easy and fun

180+ Deathrun levels Simple and fun map Code: 6754-0507-7947

While some people play easy death runs because they want to have fun with their friends, some people use them to set better records and give other players a reason to compete. This map is the second map introduced by developer R15_Lestremon and is great for any purpose. If you fancy a challenge, try breaking the record in the video above. Otherwise, start your descent into the world of Deathruns with this laid-back game – just the way it should be!

280+ Levels Deathrun Easy

280+ Levels Simple Deathrun Map Code: 1387-7831-4752

If you’re looking for an easy and sometimes fun lethal rank card, you’ll love this card from R15_Lestremon . You can purchase items to help you at the beginning of the map, but only if you earn enough coins! This will add replayability to the map as you will be able to use special tools each round that will either help you finish faster or slow down anyone who is competing with you!

350+ parkour runs

350+ Parkour Fun Run cards Code: 1387-7831-4752

This map was created by popular YouTuber CanDook, who is featured in this and many other Fortnite cheat lists we have. Parkour Fun Run highlights the casual and social aspects of playing Fortnite Creative with over 350 levels of easy jumps and simple puzzles. It also has many secrets for you to discover and even challenge players to unlock achievements!

Level 300+ Easy Deathrun

Easy Deathrun Level 300+ Card Code: 2447-4493-5934

Anyone who plays Deathruns more for social interaction than competition will tell you that the longer the Deathrun, the more fun. You can easily complete small tasks for hours while having a good time with your friends in this simple death run with over 300 levels. You don’t need to compete to reach the end – it’s all about the journey through this fun map.

Level 200 Dezran by default

Default Deathrun Map Code Level 200: 3603-5932-1967

This is a new Deathrun map that came out during Chapter 3 Season 1, so it’s made with all the fun new game mechanics in mind. It was so well designed that it made it to the Epic’s Picks list. This map features 10 themes with 20 levels each, from a Wild West theme to a winter wonderland!

Level 80 Dezrang by default

Default Deathrun Map Code Level 80: 4706-1344-5954

Short, sweet and to the point. Level 80 Default Deathrun is a high quality, simple challenge that uses the standard deathrun mechanics and does not include any overly difficult challenges. This Deathrun is the perfect map to play with your friends in regular chat rather than trying to outrun them and outskill them. If you’re new to Deathrun game mechanics or just want to brush up on your reflexes, this map is for you.

Level 120 Dezran by default

Default Deathrun Map Code Level 120: 1236-8657-4920

Once you’ve completed the 80 level death run above, you’ll want to try Apfel’s default level 120 death run. The difficulty rating does not increase, but players get more levels to improve their skills in the classic creative game mode. Apfel is a renowned card maker that has created over 100 cards, so you know they have the experience and ability to create high quality cards that deliver exactly what they say.

Kenworth’s default super lightweight defran

Default Kenworth Super Easy Card Deathrun Code: 0666-9293-5226

This is level 50 easy parkour. It starts out easy as a pie, then gets a little more difficult, but it was designed so that anyone can get through it. Honestly, even if you’re terrible at parkour, you have a chance to complete this death run.

Fall Guys Default Deathrun

Fall Guys Default Deathrun Map Code: 4064-4388-1056

Fall Guys has taken the world by storm and has become quite a popular game with just about anyone with access to it. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, then you might want to give this Fall Guys themed death run a chance, which might at least give you a feel for what you’re missing.

Level 50 Default Spherical Defran

Level 50 Spherical Default Deathrun Code: 9872-6210-0983

Even though it looks very simple, it’s a great design and the visuals are quite interesting! It uses a lot of basic shapes with a beautiful color palette that looks pretty classy! Even though this is an easier death run, it will still be challenging enough to give you good practice for future maps!

Level 75 default WATERWORLD Deathrun

Level 75 Standard map WATERWORLD Deathrun Code: 4451-0561-6061

Another great summer death run that is relatively easy and has many levels where you will slide and bounce off obstacles. You can use pulse grenades to move around and even surf a little to get through one of the levels. There’s one more thing I haven’t seen before: you need to quickly run through an obstacle because you’re taking damage! If you go too slow, you will go back to the beginning. At the end of this level, Slurp Juice is waiting for you, which will make you healthy again. If you’re just getting started in these, I’d hold off on this one for a bit because it’s a bit more difficult than some of the others.

How to Enter Fortnite Easy Deathrun Cheats

You’ll need a code to play any Fortnite map published in Creative or Playground modes. With it, you can play this map with other players. You can quickly enter Fortnite Deathtun codes.

fortnite island code
Screenshot from Pro Game Guides
  1. Enter the game. In the Fortnite lobby, click the Discovery button in the top left corner.
  2. Click on the creative section.
  3. Enter the Prop Hunt code in the code field.
  4. Press Enter to confirm your card selection.
  5. Return to the lobby and click Play to launch Game Mode.

Optionally, you can enter Fortnite Deathrun codes in the game. Go to any island in the Welcome Hub, enter the code and the map will be available.

What is Fortnite Deathruns?

A death run in Fortnite is a type of map where your goal is to get to the end of the map by jumping over traps as well as bypassing them. Most death runs consist of hundreds of levels, each of which takes only a couple of seconds to complete. They can be considered puzzles as you usually need to find a way around an obstacle, but players generally find death runs to be a good way to show off their parkour or agility in Fortnite.

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