Final Fantasy XIV Free Entry Campaign, dates, ending, how to get

If your subscription has expired or you’re trying to get your friends back into the game, now is the perfect time to bring back the Final Fantasy XIV Free Entry Campaign. From November 18 to December 16, you can enter the game for free by simply downloading and installing the game. Here’s how to participate in the FFXIV Free Entry Campaign.

Returning players can get four free days of FFXIV right now.

To receive four free days of play in FFXIV, you must already have an account and that account must be inactive. Here is a quick reminder of the full requirements:

If your account meets all of these requirements, you can sign in for free anytime from November 18, 2022 00:00 AM PT until December 16, 2022 6:59 AM PT.

When does the free login period start and end?

The free login period will be four calendar days from the day you log in again for the first time. So, unfortunately, if you don’t enter 00:01 on your first day, you probably won’t have four full days. The free entry period will end at 11:59 PM PT on the fourth day.

You will need to make sure your game is loaded, but your free period will not start until you are logged in on any platform. This includes Windows, Mac, PS5, PS4 and Steam. As soon as you log in on any platform, your timer will start running, so be careful!

All in all, this free entry campaign is perfect for those looking for something to do over the coming Thanksgiving and holiday season. A lot of people have four days off around this time, so if you want to go back to FFXIV, this is the best way to do it (or talk your friends into coming back). For more information about the free entry campaign, visit the official website .

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