AMD and Intel processor calendar broken?

Over the course of several days, a plethora of rumors and articles (often revolving around the same source) have been causing a lot of commotion regarding the calendar of the next processors from AMD and INTEL. But we must recognize that it is the latter that has the most to revise its roadmap.

First of all, please note that this brief will simply summarize these rumors and state our point of view in the absence of reliable information, in particular from Intel.

Calendar 2023 AMD Intel processor
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AMD Zen 4 X3D: Just Two CPUs in 2023?

While reviews of the new Ryzen 7000 are generally good, the overall trend remains in favor of Intel. As a result, some say they are waiting for the possible release of Ryzen 7000 X3D processors that could take over in gaming. We know these processors are more expensive for AMD, but to force Intel into a decision, a range of 4 X3D processors was planned.

However, it looks like AMD only plans to offer the Ryzen 5 7600X3D and Ryzen 7 7700X3D. . Limitation to two processors 6 and 8 cores, which may be disappointing to some, but nonetheless relatively logical in regards to the intended gaming purpose. Another rumor on the subject: If these versions of the X3D are to be unveiled at the start of the year (at CES 2023?), marketing may only take place in March or April 2023.

Ryzen 7000 X3D
At AMD and Intel, the CPU calendar for 2023 will be broken…

Intel: Roadmap broken badly?

Contrary to many other leaks and rumors about Intel moving forward on its roadmap, we have learned that Intel should delay Meteor Lake and the LGA 1851 socket upgrade until 2024. This rumor is transmitted by the same source of information. who spoke about Zen 4 X3D is of particular concern and goes against the emerging trend.

Worse than making their customers “wait”, the blues can take the field with Raptor Lake Refresh, meaning similar processors using write process optimizations offer a slight increase in clock speeds from 100 to 200 MHz. Therefore, only in 2024, Intel will bring its new products to the table, but again with a very unexpected approach.

So Meteor Lake will arrive in 2024, but we can also see the land of Lake Arrow a few months apart. How to explain this situation? Also, according to the insider, Intel would like these two ranges to overlap.

Intel Meteor Lake 7nm

What to do with these rumors and what to expect in 2023

So, here’s a rather disturbing “revise” of the calendar. We have voluntarily denied some other rumors related, in particular, to the change in the Meteor Lake engraving process, because this story does not seem reliable to us in its current form.

As for this discrepancy affecting AMD and more so Intel, here again we have to be careful, because if the reports on this issue multiply, they use the same source for only a few days. However, taking on some height, this story might make sense.

After a major inflation, including PC components, “pause” can be good for everyone. In addition to the economic situation, the PC fanatic just got himself a socket change for AMD, a move to DDR5, a power supply change (which will become more and more necessary in terms of power and standard)… everything was a success. an explosion in prices for video cards and motherboards (to a lesser extent).

Therefore, it would not be so crazy to consider 2023 as a year of transition. Please note, however, that this view is a simple global reflection with regards to the market and considering the end consumer as a priority… Considerations that are not necessarily the same as those of manufacturers.

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