How to Recruit All Characters in The DioField Chronicle

You lead the Blue Foxes mercenary group in The DioField Chronicle. This means that you will need capable soldiers to complete your missions and defeat your enemies. There are several units that you can meet and recruit throughout the game, which may make you wonder how to recruit all of the unlockable units in The DioField Chronicles.

How to unlock all characters in The DioField Chronicle

Most of the characters are unlocked throughout the story simply by completing the main missions. However, there are a few characters such as Donovar, Zoruak, and Chappleman that can be unlocked through side missions. Be sure to fill them out if you want to add to your list. Here are all the characters that can be recruited and how to unlock them in The DioField Chronicle.

Character Unlock method Class
Andrias Rondarson Beginning Soldier
Fredret Lester Beginning Cavalier
Iseler Wigan Beginning Soldier
Iskarion Colchester Complete Chapter 1: End of the Bandit Menace. Sniper
Waltakin Redditch Complete Chapter 1: Reconnaissance of Redditch Manor. Mage
Rickenback Madea Complete Chapter 2: Harbinger of Strife Sniper
Shivat Malzin Complete Chapter 2: The End of the Earthwolves. Mage
Eshtalt Yufar Complete Chapter 3: Escorting Priests. Mage
Castever Bannow Complete Chapter 3: Protect the Duke of Hende. Cavalier
Umarida Bareas Complete Chapter 3: Blue Fox Laugh. Sniper
Tremina Humbert Complete Chapter 4: Suppress the Riots again. Sniper
Catherine Complete Chapter 4: Rescue Katherine. Soldier
Hezelia Shaytham Complete chapter 6: The army is coming. Mage
Donovar Sallion Complete Chapter 2: Shield of the People. Soldier
Zoruak Wigan Complete Chapter 4: A Warrior Gets Wings Cavalier
Chappleman Complete Chapter 6: Give to those who lend a helping hand Cavalier

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