How to restore an EP in The DioField Chronicle

DioField Chronicle uses an EP (Energy Points) system where each character has a limited amount of EP. When they use their special skills, it will cost EP, and when they disappear, how do you get them back? So, here is the instruction on how to restore an EP in The DioField Chronicle.

How to top up EP in The DioField Chronicle

To restore an EP in The DioField Chronicle, you have several options. Finding Pink Jade Fragments, Passives, Potions, and Magilum Orbs. Some methods are better, but you shouldn’t run out of EP often, especially early in the game.

All ways to restore EP in The DioField Chronicle

Fragments of pink jade

Pink Jade Fragments are a free way to restore a small portion of your squad’s EP. You can find them on the map right on the ground, but you can also get them after defeating enemies. The latter is an inconsistent way to get Pink Jade Fragments early in the game.

However, you can get Waltaquin’s Magic Defense ability. This is a 100% Pink Jade Fragment drop after defeating an enemy. However, ten ability points are required to purchase. But it’s worth it for a little guaranteed way to restore an EP.

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Passive abilities

Some characters have passive abilities that can restore EP based on the damage dealt. Both Valtaquin and Iskarion have an ability called “Aggressive EP Recovery”, which restores three EP after dealing damage. However, it costs ten ability points. EP recovery may not seem like much, but it can be upgraded to increase the amount of EP you get.


Potions are used for more than just healing. Some potions restore EP instead. Or you may end up with some that do both. However, you can only equip two potions at a time, and once they run out, you’ll have to redeem them from the shop, as they don’t auto-refill.

Magilum Spheres

Soon in the game, you will be asked to complete an additional quest called “Binding Chains”. You will receive a free Magilumic Orb during this quest, which is about healing and restoring EP. However, this orb requires two levels of teleportation bar to be filled instead of one in order to use it to summon Bahamut.

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