How to headbutt an opponent while riding a boar in Fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players were introduced to a new mechanic that allowed wild animals like wolves and bears to be more useful than just meat and mushrooms. Now players could jump on a boar or wolf to ride them. As part of the Week 3 Challenges, players head-butt an enemy while riding a boar and get a nice chunk of experience in return.

The good news is that boars are found in abundance throughout the map. However, these are wild animals and will only spawn in forests, grasslands, and mountainous areas of the map. To complete the task, we need to ride the Boar and crash into the enemy using the acceleration function. Completing the quest will earn you 15,000 XP.

Where to find boars in Fortnite

To complete the challenge, we first need to find the Boar. As mentioned earlier, boars are evenly distributed across the map in Fortnite. Since these are wild animals, they will not appear in the named places and populated areas of interest. However, they can be easily found in open spaces such as forests, grasslands, and mountains. Refer to the map above for an accurate idea of ​​where the wild boars spawn.

How to ride a boar in Fortnite

It’s actually quite easy to ride a boar. All you have to do is walk up to the animal and press the jump button on your device. For PC, press spacebar, and for controllers, press X/A. Use direction keys to move.

While they may not be as fast as other vehicles, the benefit of riding a boar is that you can freely use your weapons and throwables while riding. The increased movement speed will make it harder for your enemies to hit you, giving you a nice advantage. However, keep in mind that these animals are vulnerable to damage and can be easily destroyed by enemies.

How to perform a boar mounted headbutt in Fortnite

While you can certainly wreak havoc against your opponents by firing your weapons while riding your mount – there’s another way to inflict damage on your opponents while mounted on your Boar is to headbutt them. To perform a headbutt, you need to press the boost button when you lunge at your opponent. To activate the gain, press the Shift button on the PC or press the left analog stick on the controllers.

This is everything you need to know about how to headbutt an opponent while riding a boar in Fortnite. These animals make great companions in combat, but you’ll need to learn how to jump on their backs to take control. Completing the challenge will net you a whopping 15,000 XP, which is always great for advancing your Battle Pass and earning rewards.

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