How to make an awkward potion in Minecraft

If you need to choose the most important Minecraft potion, it must be Awkward Potion. By itself, this potion does not affect the player or mobs. But this is the main base potion for most of the best Minecraft potions. Learning how to make an awkward potion in Minecraft will help you master any potion recipe with ease. The potion crafting process will remain the same in Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. But don’t forget to use one of our best Minecraft Village Village seeds if you don’t want to spend hours searching for resources. Now let’s find out how to make an awkward potion in Minecraft.

Make an awkward potion in Minecraft (2021)

Like other potions, making an awkward potion involves many preparations. But before we do that, let’s find out about the possibilities of this potion. In addition, we have listed all the potions you can make with the Awkward Potion, along with all the ingredients in Minecraft.

What is Awkwardness Potion in Minecraft and what is it for?

An Inconvenient Potion in Minecraft is a basic potion that you can drink or throw in a splash. But this does not affect the player or the mob in any way. Thus, unlike other potions, it also has no levels or durations . However, this potion is needed to prepare other important potions in this sandbox game. So you can’t skip it if you plan on making most of the other potions.

{} When you add certain items to an Awkward Potion, they convert it into other useful potions, which we have listed at the end. We’ve also listed the effect each potion has on a player or mob in this section. You can use these negative and positive potions however you like.

Ingredients for making an awkward potion in Minecraft

Before we get into the actual process of making a Clumsy Potion in Minecraft, let’s see what ingredients we need for this crafting recipe:

  • Warts Void ,
  • Water bottle (preferably 3),
  • Blazing powder and
  • Brewery stand .

You can follow our guide to learn how to make a Minecraft Cooking Stand , which is required to make this potion. This is the basic tool you will need to prepare all kinds of potions in the game. That being said, let’s figure out how to get the other three ingredients.

How to get the ingredients for the awkward potion recipe

Nether warts

As the name suggests, you need to create a Void Portal and travel to the Void dimension to obtain this ingredient. Nether Wart is a special plant that only grows in the Nether dimension. You can find it near the stairs inside the Nether fortresses , and sometimes in the remains of the bastion.

Remember to break the plant only when it is fully grown. It looks like a red mushroom in the game. Additionally, you can also find Nether Warts in various chests around Nether Keep.

Blazing powder

The blazing powder is the energy source for our brew stand. So try to get as much as you can. You can only create it with the fire rods that fall when you kill fire in the Void dimension. There is no other way to get Fire Powder, and you cannot brew a potion without using it.

Once you have fire rods, you can place them anywhere in your crafting area to create fire powder. This can be done with a workbench and even in your inventory. Keep in mind that mining fire rods is always a risky task, so be careful. At least not until an awkward potion in Minecraft helps you unlock some extra abilities.

Bottle for water

This is probably the simplest item on our list. All you have to do is place three glass blocks on the workbench in Minecraft to create 3 empty glass bottles. Then you can fill the glass bottle with water by right clicking on it.

As for glass blocks, they can be obtained by heating sand blocks in an oven. The glass bottle recipe is as follows:

You need to place one glass block in the middle slot of the bottom-most row of the crafting area. Then place two more glass blocks on both side slots of the second row . Leave the middle slot empty to create glass bottles.

How to brew an awkward potion in Minecraft

Once you have all the items you need, making an awkward potion in Minecraft is easy. Let’s start.

1. First open the brew stand by right-clicking it. Then place the fire powder in the empty slot on the left side. The powder will quickly turn into fuel for the cooking rack. You can cook a few potions until they run out.

2. Then place all glass water bottles in the bottom 3 wells . Will also work with 1 or 2 bottles. But players tend to use all three at once because of their effectiveness. You will need the same amount of the main ingredients regardless of the number of bottles.

3. Finally , place the warts in the top compartment of the brew stand. It is next to the arrow and above the bottles. The brewing process will now begin and you will receive your Awkwardness Potion in a few seconds.

Potions that can be brewed using an awkward potion in Minecraft

After you’ve prepared an awkward potion in Minecraft, you can add certain ingredients to it and turn it into other potions. Here are the various potions that Minecraft has to offer:

Recipe Received potion Potion effect
Awkward Potion + Golden Carrot Night Vision Potion Gives the ability to see in the dark
Awkward Potion + Spider Eye Potion of Poison Decreases maximum health
Awkward Potion + Tears of Terror Regeneration potion Restore health in a few seconds
Awkward Potion + Burning Powder Potion of Strength Increases outgoing attack damage
Awkward Potion + Magma Cream Fire Resistance Potion Grants resistance from fire and lava
Awkward Potion + Sugar Quickness Potion Increases movement speed
Inconvenient Potion + Glittering Melon Healing Potion Restores health immediately
Inconvenient Potion + Puffer Fish Water Breathing Potion Allows you to breathe underwater
Awkward Potion + Rabbit’s Foot Jump Potion Increases jump height
Inconvenient Potion + Turtle Shell Turtle Master’s Potion Gives players resistance and slowness
Inconvenient Potion + Phantom Membrane Slow Falling Potion Reduces the speed of falling
Inconvenient Potion + Gunpowder Awkward Splash Potion No effects

Make an awkward potion in Minecraft today

Knowing how to make an awkward potion in Minecraft, you are now ready to make any other in-game potion. However, be sure to make multiple copies of the same thing at the same time. This will save you a lot of time in the future. Most players even use Minecraft mods to make the potion preparation process easier, but they are worth it in the regular survival world too.

However, don’t forget to install Forge in Minecraft for these mods to work. If you plan on continuing your vanilla Minecraft adventure, save this guide to make Awkward Potion in Minecraft handy. For those of you who have problems preparing potions, our team is always ready to help. Just leave your questions in the comments section.