How to make mint chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can cook over 160 recipes by collecting different ingredients from different biomes. Peppermint Chocolate is one of the recipes that players can make in Dream Valley and you will need four different ingredients to make it. Some of these recipes are required to complete quests, while others can be prepared at any time with the appropriate ingredients. You can also gift certain favorite foods to NPCs to increase their friendship level. Here’s how to make mint chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What ingredients are needed to make mint chocolate in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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Milk Chocolate is a four-star recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley and requires four ingredients to make. To prepare this recipe, you will need sugar cane, cocoa beans, butter and mint. Some of these ingredients only grow in certain biomes, which means you’ll need to explore the lands to find them. Similarly, you can buy seeds for some ingredients if you have Goofy’s Shop unlocked in different biomes. You can eat Mint Chocolate for 1827 Energy or sell it for 490 Star Coins.

Where to find cocoa beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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Cocoa beans grow in the Glade of Trust biome and Sunshine Plateau. We encourage players to unlock these areas with Dreamlight to obtain these ingredients. The Glade of Trust can be unlocked for 5000 Dreamlight. Similarly, you can unlock a sun-drenched plateau by requiring 7000 Dreamlight. You can find this ingredient growing in bushes in both of these biomes. Players can also repair Goofy’s Counter in Sunny Plateau to purchase cocoa beans for 75 Star Coins.

Where can I find sugarcane in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley?

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Players can buy sugar cane from Dazzle Beach. To do this, you need to repair Goofy’s Shop in this region. Sugarcane seeds can be purchased at the kiosk for 5-star coins. You can also upgrade the counter to buy sugar cane directly for 29 Star Coins. When you have all the ingredients, go to the stove, add the ingredients and use the coal ore to make the mint chocolate recipe.

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