How to solve the Dendro Barrier hidden deluxe chest puzzle in Mawtiyima Forest in Genshin Impact

While exploring the rocks surrounding the Mawtiyima Forest in Genshin Impact, you will come across a suspicious Dendro Rock which, if broken, will reveal the hidden Dendro Barrier. Solving the puzzle will reward you with a Luxury Chest.

How to solve the Lokapala Jungle puzzle hidden in the deluxe Dendro Barrier chest in Genshin Impact

Start by heading towards the puzzle location circled in the image below. The easiest way to get there is to first teleport to the Statue of the Seven south of Mautiima Forest. From the Statue of the Seven, climb the rock framed with flowers that restore stamina. Then climb another cliff, also surrounded by stamina flowers. From this point on, you can easily head towards the Dendro Rock pictured below.

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Interact with the Auspicious Branch to summon the Dendrogran. Then use any character (easiest for bow users) to hit Dendro Rock with a charged attack. The first rock will break, revealing a smaller Dendro Rock. While the Dendrogran is still active, attack the smaller gem with Charged Attack to reveal the hidden Dendro Barrier.

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Then call Dendrograna again and switch to bow user. Shoot the floating projectiles in any order to make Dendro’s barrier dissipate. This will reveal the mint plant. You must interact with the Mint to find the Whopperflower Pyro. Defeat the enemy to make the four leaf seals appear.

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Use the Four Leaf Signs to travel to the other side of the Mautiima Forest, where you will find a tree with a Seed Mirror. A luxurious chest will appear under it, in which you can get loot.

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