How to unlock rating in Multiversus?

Ranked mode in Multiversus will become available to all players on August 9, 2022, which is the official release date of the game. Players will have to unlock it if they didn’t do so during the open beta period.

Our guide will give you tips on how to unlock rankings in Multiversus.

Reach level 20 on your account

Players who had a chance to play the game during the beta probably noticed that although there is a Ranking option in the Game menu, it is not yet active.

The developer deactivated the ranked mode before the official release of the game. You will need to reach level 20 of your account to be able to enter ranked mode. Players in the open beta will likely retain their progress in the official release and be able to play ranked mode immediately.

However, all new players who download Multiversus after August 9 will be required to upgrade their account to level 20. After that, the “Ranked mode” option will become active in the “Game” menu.

Here’s what you can do to quickly level up your account:

All three options bring you closer to level 20, which opens up ranked mode for you.

Unfortunately, there are no official rules for ranked games yet, but many expect them to have a reasonable matchmaking system with leaderboards and the ability to change characters during ranked runs.

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