How does the skill tree work in The DioField Chronicle?

There are many ways to increase the number of your units in The DioField Chronicle. One of them is investing points in a skill tree. The skill tree is an upgrade menu that opens at the start of the game. According to the people working at the Institution, this allows you to invest skill points or SP to improve your characters’ skills. But how exactly does it work? This guide will help you better understand the skill tree.

How to use the skill tree in The DioField Chronicle

To upgrade the skill you want, hold the X or A button on the skill you have chosen to upgrade.

One has four skill trees – one for each type of unit. If you upgrade one skill in the tree, all units that have that skill will benefit from that upgrade. The type of skills a unit can have depends on their current weapon, so be sure to check them out before purchasing.

The skill tree does not unlock new skills, it only improves existing ones. You can even upgrade skills you don’t have access to yet.

Where should I invest SP in The DioField Chronicle?

Since SP is spread across four skill trees, you need to be very careful where you put it.

Some good starting practices include:

Of course, since each player has different strategies they prefer, it’s best to always think about the skills you use frequently and put your points into them. Actually, think about character builds.

You can reset SP allocation with 10,000G.

How to get more SP in The DioField Chronicle

SP can be earned as a reward for completing main and side quests. So try your best to complete all the optional objectives. It doesn’t have to be on your first try. When you get a little stronger, you can replay your past battles in the “Practical Battle” mode. You can access it by selecting the map in the same room as the Institute.

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