How does car fuel work in Warzone 2? Explanation of gas stations

How does car fuel work in Warzone 2? Explanation of gas stations

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is just around the corner and players want to know about all the new features coming to the popular battle royale. Vehicles and their functionality will be redesigned in Warzone 2, and knowledge of the map will be crucial when crossing the various POIs in Al Mazra. Here’s what players need to know about vehicle fuel working differently in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

How to refuel and repair vehicles in Warzone 2?

Image via Activision

Players will see a wide range of vehicles in Warzone 2, including two new ones. The unlimited fuel feature has been removed from the game and players must now refuel and repair their vehicles to keep them running. As mentioned in the Activision blog, all vehicles will use fuel and will run out of fuel after a while. This means that the vehicle cannot be used until you fill it up with fuel. Players can fill vehicles with gas canisters, which can be found throughout the map or at gas stations. This means that carrying around a few extra gas canisters can be an effective strategy if you want to cover a large area with vehicles.

Players can also repair vehicles at various gas stations. You can restore the car’s health by repairing body and tire damage. You can also quickly repair a flat tire anywhere on the map by simply interacting with damaged tires. Al Mazra is a huge map, switching between zones can take a while and vehicles will be your best friends to progress through Warzone 2. Be careful of enemies camping at gas stations as this can be a tricky strategy for easy elimination .

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