How to awaken the Light in King’s Legacy – Roblox

Like most games, the most powerful items in King’s Legacy are hidden behind the toughest challenges. Switching to the awakened version of the Light will be a major challenge, mainly due to the boss fights that players will have to go through in order to complete the mission. Fortunately, the awakened Light is incredibly effective, so the effort is well worth it.

Where can players find the Awakened Light in King’s Legacy?

All of these rare Awakened Fruits need a special accessory to unlock them, and Awakened Light is no different. This time around, players will be looking for Lucidus’ Coat. However, in order to start searching for this item, players need to reach level 3575.

If this is the case, players should travel to the Sea Island. You have to complete the level 3575 mission, which will include the destruction of a swarm of enemies. Players will want to keep defeating these enemies until they receive a notification that they have “permission to summon Lucidus”.

This is where the real pain begins. Lucidus has a very low chance of dropping Lucidus Coat. Therefore, it is not enough to defeat him once. Players will likely have to defeat Lucidus repeatedly before getting Lucidus’ coat.

Once they finally get it, they can find the Awakened Master and eat the light fruit. This should give the player a lot of strong abilities to challenge the awakening boss.

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