How to change language in The Diofield Chronicles

The Diofield Chronicles is a tactical RPG from Square Enix featuring a gritty and compelling storyline and a wide cast of characters. Since history is important to the conflict in The Chronicles of Diofield, the language you play in may affect this. This might make you wonder how to change the language settings in The Diofield Chronicles.

How to change your language in The Diofield Chronicles

To change the language in The Diofield Chronicle, click Options on the main menu. You will see various options, but at the top there will be an option to change the audio language and subtitle language. Click on the one you want to change and then select the language. After exiting the menu, these changes will take effect.

All languages ​​in Diofield’s Chronicles

In The Chronicles of Diofield, there are several options to choose from. While there are only two audio language options, there are more for the subtitle language. Here are all the languages ​​you can choose from in Diofield’s Chronicles.

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