How to get all free items in Roblox Tommy Play?

The Roblox x Tommy Hilfiger collaboration is here! Following in the footsteps of fellow Metaverse attendee Clarks, clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with Roblox to release their BMX-themed Tommy Play experience. Players hoping to earn some free items on this adventure are in luck, so hop on your bike and go!

Getting all free items

Headphones TJ Donut

You can earn TJ Donut headphones just by joining Tommy Play! Yep, that’s it!

Backpack TJ Wearable BMX

The TJ Wearable BMX Backpack can be obtained by completing a short tutorial. To complete the tutorial, simply join Tommy Play and approach the NPC shown below.

After talking to this NPC, TJ, you will be asked to equip your game bike. To do this, press Q and select a bike from the menu that appears.

After that, you will receive an Introducing badge and a TJ Wearable BMX Backpack!

TJ sports cap

To earn the TJ Sports Cap , players need to accumulate at least 20 seconds of airtime on their BMX bike. To do this quickly, we recommend keeping an eye on any of the cloud rings pictured below.

Climbing up the ramp and jumping into these cloud rings, your Robloxian will take to the skies. If you see multiple cloud rings stacked in front of each other, be sure to drive through them! Additional boosts along with pressing the spacebar will send you flying.

Backpack TJ Giant Hotdog

Before you can get the TJ Giant Hotdog Backpack , you need to find and unlock the secret door! To do this, get on your bike and head towards the large bridge pictured below.

Drive across this entire bridge, but be careful as you approach the end – you will need to jump down onto a small platform hidden under the edge.

This platform should have a door guarded by a little chicken. To open this door, you need to perform the Bar Spin trick while in the air. To do this, press the space bar and the 1 key at the same time.

After you complete this challenge, the door should automatically open, allowing you to enter the secret room and receive the item and the TJ Giant Hotdog Backpack badge!

Entering the room is optional as there is nothing inside to collect, but you can still do so.

TJ Giant Burger

Similar to the TJ Giant Hotdog backpack, the TJ Giant Burger can only be obtained by finding the secret room where the item is located. To enter the secret room, you need to put the TJ Giant Hotdog Backpack on your avatar, so be sure to do that before you enter the experience!

With the Hot Dog Backpack equipped, spawn in Tommy Play, select the Bronx level, and find the shop pictured below.

Enter this store and approach its water feature in the middle.

To enter the secret room, jump into the water and swim down. After a few seconds, you should reach the secret hot dog room and get the TJ Giant Burger item and badge!

TJ Pride Hand Foam

TJ Pride Foam Hand is one of the easiest items to unlock throughout Tommy Play. To get it, all you have to do is find it! To do this, go to the Bronx level and find the noob statue pictured below – there should be a rainbow aura around it.

To get to this statue, go to the blue platform next to the spawn and then jump down to the train tracks below.

Once on the train tracks, climb onto the canopy of the waiting area and turn around to face the nearest clouds.

Now jump from the canopy to the clouds and then climb up the clouds until you reach the building pictured below.

This building has a small vent that emits red light – jump on it to climb to the roof above.

You should now be right in front of the building with the noob statue – use the cloud in front of you to get to this building. Once inside the building, approach the noob statue and grab TJ Pride’s foam arm by entering it!

Frosty Flair and Floor Rock Freeze

While the Frosty Flair and Floor Rock Freeze emotes can be purchased with Robux, they can also be unlocked for free by those who want to complete the short quest! To start this quest, look for a yellow icon on the screen that says “Quest” and follow it. You should be in the location shown below.

To start this quest, talk to the breakdancing skeleton. After that, you will be given the Pretzel Run quest and asked to collect two large pretzels. To find the first pretzel, we recommend reloading your character and starting from the spawn point. After resetting, jump down onto the train tracks and follow them until you reach the point pictured below – you should be able to see the pretzel in the distance!

As you keep moving forward on the train tracks, you should eventually reach a point that requires you to perform a small obbi. Take your time maneuvering over the broken bridge, you’ll have to start from the beginning if you fall!

Once you have successfully crossed the obbi, approach the pretzel and press E to collect it! Then, after collecting the first pretzel, return to the Skeleton NPC to start the next part of the quest.

To find the next pretzel, reload your character again to return to spawn. Then go to the same station canopy we came to for our pride and start climbing the nearby clouds again.

This time, however, instead of climbing up the first building and heading towards the noob statue, we’ll turn around and continue following the clouds towards the second building.

From this building, you will be able to see a path made up of clouds and various random items – keep following this path to reach the entrance to the Tommy Museum.

To enter the museum, go through the small doorway pictured below. There should be a second big pretzel right inside that doorway!

To collect this pretzel, just like the first one, walk up to it and press E. This will complete the Pretzel Run quest and reward you with two corresponding avatar emotes!

TJ Chicago cropped windbreaker

The TJ Chicago Cropped Windbreaker is only available to those who place in the top 3 on any of the mini-game leaderboards – Races Won or Races Completed. In addition, you must also rank on this leaderboard on a server with more than 11 players. If you are in the top three, but the entire leaderboard is not filled, it will not be counted!

At the time of this article’s publication, less than 10,000 people have completed this challenge and received the corresponding Local Legend badge.

TJ Pop Hoodie (Green/Blue)

The TJ Pop Hoodie (Green/Blue) can be obtained by completing four different tricks during the same competition. To purchase more tricks, open the experience store menu and select trick graphics. Each trick costs 100 coins.

Hoodie TJ Pop (blue/yellow)

The TJ Pop Hoodie (Blue/Yellow) can be obtained by those who successfully complete a combo worth at least 5000 points in one Stunt Competition. To do it quickly, try double jumping and do two tricks at once!

TJ Pop Stripe Rugby (pink/blue)

To earn the TJ Pop Stripe Rugby Shirt (Pink/Blue) , players must first purchase and equip their bike in a custom color and then enter and win a trick competition with that color. Custom colors can be purchased from the store by clicking on the bike icon.

TJ Pop Stripe Rugby (Pink/Green)

The TJ Pop Stripe Rugby Shirt (pink/green) can be obtained by winning a BMX race with a custom color installed on your bike.

Other clothes

Along with the free items mentioned above, there are also several other clothing items that can be obtained for free on Tommy Play.

These clothes, some layered and some 2D, can be purchased with either Robux on the Roblox Avatar Store or in-game money on the Tommy Play Store. Prices for all these clothes can be found in the list below.

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