How to get ore in Project Slayers

Project Slayers is a Roblox game where players create a character from the anime and manga world, Demon Slayer. The game gives you the chance to experience what it’s like to be a human battling demons, or to include the people you once called your own.

As with most other Roblox games, you can purchase in-game items with Robux. In the case of Project Slayers, you use ores for this! You can purchase things like race and breath resets, XP buffs, and more with ores.

But how exactly to get more ore and where to find it?

Where to get ore in Project Slayers

The ore can be obtained by collecting loot from a level 1+ chest or by completing The Final Selection quest. Chests can be obtained by killing certain bosses, and from level 1+ chests there is only a 1% chance to get ore.

Bosses that can drop level +1 chests are Sabito, Kaden, Zanegutsu, Shiron, Sanemi, Giyu, Demon Grunt, Nezuko, Yahaba, Sasumaru, and Demon Hand. Of all of them, Kaden, one of the first bosses, is the easiest to kill.

If you want to use the ore, just press the M key on the keyword and select the “Shop” option. You will then be greeted by the ore icon at the very top of the menu with a button to “Use” them if you have them.

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